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What the difference between QA and QC?

Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. They are closely related, but they are diffe ( Full Answer )
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What is the role of QA in the garment industry?

QA plays a vital role in the garment industry. Quality Assurancepersonnel determine that the material is of good quality, thegarments are sewn properly, that the color will st ( Full Answer )
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Is QA quality assurance or quality analyst?

Answer . In general terms QA means Quality Assurance. The QA team in a software company plays significant role right from the Requirement Definition stage. The QA gets inv ( Full Answer )
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Digital electronics qa?

Answer . This question is incomplete, what is digital electronics? it is a two state system that work with ones and zeros a zero is at ground potential and a one is betwee ( Full Answer )
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What does QA stand for?

'Q' stands for "question", '&' stands for "and", and 'A' standsfor "answer" Question and answer or Quality Assurance.
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What is difference between tester and QA?

QA is a set of activities whose purpose is to demonstrate that an entity meets all quality requirements . QA has to ensure that the activity is not violating from the standard ( Full Answer )
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What does QA mean?

This can have more than one meaning. QA means Quality Assurance. Qand A means Questions and Answers.
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How do you define QA?

QA stands for Questions and Answers. It also stands for Quality Assurance. ------ QA- quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or se ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between qa and qc?

QA would mean quality assurance QC would mean quality control , QC ( the term) is used more in industry , and QA SOUNDS better to the consumer, like would you rather be assure ( Full Answer )
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How much does a qa auditor make?

The average annual salary for a quality assurance auditor in theUnited States is $63,000. The average annual salary for thisposition in San Francisco is $86,000.
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QA how do you get phanpy on Pokemon Pearl?

trade with Pokemon ruby ~ Or, talk to Dawn/Lucas's little sister, and one day she might say (like she said to me); "Let me see... What did they news say now...? Route 207! Th ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of QA in a call center?

Quality assurance or QA's are important in call centers becausethey ensure that all agents are maintaining a level of quality onall calls that has been previously set forth. A ( Full Answer )
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What is QA testing?

"QA" is an abbreviation for "Quality Assurance." With QA testing, the company makes sure that the product they are going to deliver to consumers meets their standards of funct ( Full Answer )
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What are community-grown QA collections?

Community-grown Question-and-Answer collections are websites that allow users to ask and answer questions, in which are saved as text into files or databases that can be broug ( Full Answer )
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Are there other good QA sites? or are both great sites to get answers to your questions, more specifically answers to your factual questions. For opinion or advice related qu ( Full Answer )
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How can you download WikiAnswers database of QA?

You cannot download the WikiAnswers database. One reason for this is because WikiAnswers is solely an internet resource, and you must use the internet to access WikiAnswers. ( Full Answer )
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How much does a QA engineer make?

Depends on the level, QA Engineer 1, 2 or 3 As per QA engineer 1 makes between $58,905 and $72,701. Hope this is helpful.
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What is Islam-qa?

Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Islam Question & Answer ! This site aims to provide intelligent, ( Full Answer )
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What are the strengths of a QA team Lead?

The main strength of a QA team lead is being extremely aware ofdetails. You must be a good leader and have excellent listeningskills as well.
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Who is a QA in medical transcription?

QA means to query or to check for errors in the data entry done bya medical transcriptionist.
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How do you spell qa qa?

This may refer to one of these proper names: Gaga - a proper name (Lady Gaga) Qaqa Mach'ay - a cliff cave in the Peruvian Andes Al Qa'qaa - a weapons storage facility ( Full Answer )
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What is QA and QC and when are they used?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control. These are processes used primarily in manufacturing and construction to help insurance that errors in the manufacturing processes are re ( Full Answer )
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What is QA QC in Pharma?

QA is process oriented and QC is product oriented. QC is usually service provided to development. QA expects development to provide service to it.
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How do you QA test a toaster?

You simply grab a migit by his nose and say ha ha got your nose and see if he says toaster
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Who can learn QA testing?

The beautiful part is that Test Engineers come from many different backgrounds. I know architects, lawyers, accountants, engineers, taxi drivers, people without any college ed ( Full Answer )
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What does QA stand for in relation to a job?

If you were in a company and your boss told you a QA position just opened up, he would be talking about the Quality Assurance Department. They make sure things are done right. ( Full Answer )
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How can one get a QA tester job?

"You can get a QA tester job through certification of QA jobs. College classes are a great way to expand your knowledge of various areas. Learning how to be a QA could be very ( Full Answer )
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What words begin with QA?

_Qaids - Qats -Qadi -Qat -Qabala -Qanats -Qasida -Qawwal -Qabalah -Qabalas -Qasidas -Qawwali -Qawwals -Qabalahs -Qaimaqam -Qalamdan -Qawwalis -Qablism -Qabalist -Qaimaqams - ( Full Answer )
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Why interested in QA job?

to increase the knowledge n ability to fulfill the task in proper n prompt way
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Where can one get QA testing performed?

Testing for QA is usually done by the company that produces the product. Should a company not have the personal to complete this task then they would need to hire specialist ( Full Answer )
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What does the website Software QA do for customers?

The website Software QA provides for its customers consulting services and testing aids for software programmers. The website has a selection of tests that are aimed to help t ( Full Answer )
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What does a 'QA tester' do to help people?

Quality Assurance tester is meant to test out video games, application or any other software to make sure there is no problem or bugs in it. Being a QA tester you have to put ( Full Answer )
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What is the main role of a QA analyst?

The main role of a QA analyst is to test certain software products or computer related products to make sure they function normally. The letters Q and A are short for quality ( Full Answer )
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How is the feature in QA?

QA on new features is assessed mainly through manual testing ofsoftware build through the continuous integration process.
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How do you conduct a QA testing?

There are some tips to conduct successful QA testing . Plan the entire QA testing Process The software quality assurance is an essential part of the agiledevelopment p ( Full Answer )