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What is private sector bank?

Private sector banks refer to banks which have the majority ofstock owned by private people. The government cannot own acontrolling share in a bank designated as private secto (MORE)
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What are private sectors?

private sectors are people that pay to eat such as : cafe restaurants cruise ships nightclubs prisons pub holidays
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What is the difference between a job in the public sector as opposed to in the private sector?

A public job is one normally for the Government, whether local, state, regional or federal. A private job is one for any company that is not Government, like a plant, factory, (MORE)
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How many private sector banks in India?

There are many private sector banks in India. They are: Axis Bank, Bank of Rajasthan, Catholic Syrian Bank, Dhanalakshmi Bank, South Indian Bank , City Union Bank, Federal Ban (MORE)
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Meaning of private sector bank?

pvt sector banks are those banks in which majority of stake is hold by private individuals and not by the govt.
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Questionnaire on private and public sector bank?

You can use this for many things. This can help customers choose agood bank, see if a bank is performing correctly, or to ask anyquestions you may have of the bank.
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What is difference between a public sector bank and a private sector bank?

A public sector bank is one that is owned by the government of the country. Since the people decide who the government is, they are also referred to as public sector banks. Th (MORE)
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Can a public sector be a private sector?

A public company can become private by having ALL shares in its Stock Exchange purchased by an individual, a small group of investors, or another company that is privately hel (MORE)
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Public Sector and The Private Sector?

In PRIVATE SECTOR priorities have been determined by the profit motive whereas in PUBLIC SECTOR priorities have been determined by political process. . PRIVATE SECTOR PR is c (MORE)
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In the economy the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of?

The economy can be classified on the basis of ownership: Public sector: . It includes all those economic activities that are owned and managed by government agencies. (MORE)
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Give one example of private sector bank and explain it?

A private sector bank is one that is owned by an independent individual or a company that is controlled by a few individuals. In short, the bank is owned by someone else and t (MORE)
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Why private bank sector are performing better than public bank sector?

Private Sector banks are owned by individuals or a group of individuals who can take policy and business decisions quickly/easily when compared to public sector banks where po (MORE)
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What is private-sector and public sector?

In the US: The private sector refers to all companies without shareholders nor listing on the federal stock exchange. Generally the private sector belongs to small business (MORE)
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Why private sector bank is better than public sector bank?

Private sector banks are better than public sector banks in the following aspects: . They are more customer friendly and customer oriented. If they don't get customers they (MORE)
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Which bank is not in private sector?

There are numerous banks in India. A bank that is not owned by a private individual or a company is not a private sector bank. Ex: A bank that is owned by the government is no (MORE)
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What is the difference between jobs in the public and private sector?

Jobs in the public sector means employment by a government agency, whereas jobs in the private sector means employment in a business, from a large corporation to a small, priv (MORE)
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Why only you choose private bank as your job?

Not everybody chooses private banks. People prefer public sector banks over private sector. The only reason for choosing private banks is the salary. If salary in private and (MORE)
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What are the existing private sectors bank in India?

Some of the top private sector banks in India are: . ICICI Bank . HDFC Bank . Yes Bank . Kotak Mahindra Bank . Karur Vysya Bank . etc A full list of all registered ban (MORE)
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Has Obama ever held a private sector job as a private citizen?

Not that anyone knows of. His only work prior to politics was at the legal department at Harvard and some community organizer work in Illinois. Neither his work at Harvard or (MORE)
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What percentage of jobs in private sector?

The answer depends on which country the question is about. Andsince you have not bothered to share that crucial bit ofinformation, I cannot provide a more useful answer.
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Is icici bank a private sector or public sector?

ICICI Bank is a private sector bank. ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank and is one of the top 5 big banks in the country. It has around 2000 branches across the (MORE)
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Is IDBI is private sector bank?

No. IDBI is a public sector bank and is fully owned by the Government of India. IDBI stands for Industrial Development Bank of India and it was set up as a government owned en (MORE)