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Who is R. Kelly?

An American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and record producer.
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What is DVD-R?

A DVD-R is a DVD disc that allows you to put your own information onto it. The -R in DVD-R means "recordable." Unlike a DVD you get from the video store, DVD-Rs are blank to b (MORE)
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What is R-12 and R-22?

Different grades of freon, the substance that gets condensed and evaporated in an a/c unit.
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R-r interval on EKG?

On an ECG the PR interval measures the conduction time from the atria to the ventricles
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What is R-R interval?

The R-R interval is a medical term used to describe the peak of oneQRS to another. This is used to asses the ventricular rate.
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What is R-NH?

If it occurs after the name of a US senator or member of the House of Representatives, R-NH stands for Republican from New Hampshire. For example, "U.S. Senator Judd Gregg (R- (MORE)
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What is mqbm-r?

Marksmanship Qualification Badge-Marksman with Recoilless Rifle
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What does scp -r do?

Recursively and securely copies files to a remote system where the user has Secure Shell (SSH) access.
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What are the 6'R?

Reduce,Recycle,Refuse,Reuse and Rethink ;)
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What is R-Truth?

He's an African American wrestler. The R is for Ron his first name, and on the Indy circuit he wrestled under the name Ron "the truth" killings.
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Why R-O-R is polar?

Element R takes a slightly positive charge, while O takes andnegative charge. . The charge on O is twice R therefore you need two R's to balanceR2O. . Because the R's are on (MORE)