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Who is rin?

\nRin was in the same team as Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha in 'Kakashi Gaiden'. She is said to be Sakura Haruno's mother but I don't think she is. Rin and Sakura are very m ( Full Answer )
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How did rin die?

Actually if u want the quick story Rin actually died cause she loved Kakashi while loving Obito too..i know this isnt much but i did look it up on the offical naruto shippuden ( Full Answer )
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How does rin die?

Rin dies twice in the InuYasha series. She is first attacked by Koga's wolves and then revived with the Tensiega. The second time is that her soul is taken away in the Underwo ( Full Answer )
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Is rin dead?

Rin did not run away from Konoha, she became an Anbu , and infact you see her at the 3rd hokages funeral, she walks past Kakashi coming back from Obito's grave. she has long h ( Full Answer )
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Is rin alive?

I do not know which anime you are talking about but I will try and answer. There are two Rins I know of and here they are... Rin (Inuyasha) No she has not died and is still be ( Full Answer )
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Does Rin die?

If you are referring to Rin Sohma, then no. Rin breaks up with Haru to keep him safe.
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Where is Rin?

In the end of Inuyasha she stays behind in Kaede's village but sesshomaru often vists her. ~Kat
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Who is rin in Naruto?

Rin is the Haruno Sakura character for Team Kakashi (not team 7) in the Kakashi Gaiden or Kakashi Chronicles. Almost the same characteristics of Sakura. Name: Unknown ( Full Answer )
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Does sesshomaru like rin?

\nin his own way yes he does though he does not show her to much affection when she is kidnapped sesshomaru rushes off to save her all the time even though its a trap. \nwhen ( Full Answer )
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What happened to Rin?

in one of the episodes, kakashi said that everyone close to him has died. he also said that he couldn't keep his promise to obito. rin has probably died. It has been con ( Full Answer )
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Sesshomaru and rin?

they have a father/daughter thing going on. even though Sesshomaru has a dislike for humans he cares deeply for Rin, as he would for his own daughter. (if he had one)
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Who does rin love?

Assming you mean Rin Kagamine. Rin Kagamine is a vocal package for the software VOCALOID. So she doesn't really have emotions, but usually she's portrayed as being a couple wi ( Full Answer )
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When does rin die?

Im not sure what you mean but Rin doesnt die... if the video says so then shes faking it.. besides.. Rin isn't an anime shes a vocaloid... just a voice synthesizer
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What do Rin mean?

Rin means too many things. Rin means bell. Rin means forest. Rin means food. Rin means companion. Rin means an uncountable number of things. I cant tell which Rin youre asking ( Full Answer )
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Who are rin on the rox?

Rin on the Rox are 2 girls that sing together & video themselves singing then upload the videos on youtube. They are really good singers & people started loving them so they w ( Full Answer )
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Is rin pretty?

She is quite adorible.... some say sesshomeru will marry her when she gets older. they have it on youtube and any others.
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Who was rin and why did she get kidnapped?

Rin is one of the member of Team Minato , together with Kakashi and Obito. she's kidnapped? she died when Orochimaru attack Konoha.
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Does rin have a husband?

No she doesnt... to the best of my knowledge; which, i have read all the manga and watch all the anime Rin does not have a husband, she remains in the village with mirouku, sa ( Full Answer )
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Where are rin on the rox from?

i think Erin is from the Philippines cuz she has the face like her and her last name sounds Spanish bt I'm not sure about Roxanne cuz she looks Spanish mixed with Philippine's ( Full Answer )
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Did rin died?

i dont think soo but i saw her in the hokage funereal behind kakashi so i think she is alive...
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In Inuyasha who is Rin?

A) Rin is a human girl who travels with Sesshomaru (Inuyasha's older, full-demon brother) and Jaken, Sesshomaru's servant. B) Rin is a human orphan girl who originally live ( Full Answer )
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From shuffle does rin kiss asa?

yes at the end of episode 21 "where do feelings go" plus a few bonus kisses later in the series :P
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Who is rin in fruits basket?

Rin is Haru's girlfriend. She is a member of the Chinese Zodiac, she represents the horse
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Why does shosshomaru have rin?

rin was actually supposed to die but seshomaru saved her. watch the episodes to find out how. and i dont know why he saved her i guess he does have a heart.
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Why did rin on the rox break up?

you have to pay attention to what songs they put out after they broke up.. they were sending messages to each other through the songs they sang.. the main problem of it all wa ( Full Answer )
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Does sesshoumaru love rin?

Im guessing ur talking about sesshoumaru in inuyasha, anyways yes, because sesshoumaru loves her more than most ppl like in inuyasha the final act episode 9 where sesshoumaru ( Full Answer )
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Is rin part of the leaf village?

yeah she is because she was with kakashi and he was from the leaf village
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When does rin get sick?

Hmm...I don't think there is an episode where Rin gets sick...amazingly considering she is constantly traveling outside in a flappy kimono without shoes or a blanket at night. ( Full Answer )
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What is the last name of rin?

Neither the manga or the anime says Rin has a last name. I guess she's last-nameless.
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Why does sesshomaru keep rin with him?

he has grown attached to her (he won't admit it of course). he thinks of her as a daughter-like figure i guess. or maybe something for him to protect. WARNING; SPOILER BELOW; ( Full Answer )
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Is sessomaru in love with rin?

As a dad yes but not as a boyfriend no I think Rin does love Sesshmoraru as a daughter and has a fond for him.
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Does rin and sessomaru get married?

nope, the age difference is huge plus sessomaru doesn't like humans enough to get get married to one.
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Why does Rin admire Kakashi?

Because Kakashi was kind of dark and mysterious kind of like sasuke was like to sakura. rin liked that about kakashhi
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Why is rin a broccoli?

It is because rin's hair looks like broccoli, everything with heris green, she loves broccolies, she looks like broccolies,she doeverything with broccolies, she eats broccolie ( Full Answer )