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What can cause the day time rinning lights on a 1997 Chevy Tahoe not to work when you have already changed the module and relay and the fuses are good and what can you do to fix it?

Answer . \nMaybe the problem lies in the switch that operates the "brake" light when the parking brake is applied. The DRL do not light up until the parking brake is relea (MORE)
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How do you remove the driver side half shaft assembly on a 95 Mazda Millenia 2.5 L from the diffrential the inner cv joint housing is held in by a snap ring is there any way to release this snap rin?

I used an axle puller and wraped a thin security cable around the inner cv then the other end to puller with claw disc/nut. o---o cable less then a foot away then bang the sli (MORE)
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What kind of Ring is it or what does it mean On the inside it says this georgivs VI d g br omn rex f d ind imp and Australia flo rin?

Greetings! I have two small silver(?) rings with the same thing engraved inside of them. I found them among other items in a jewelry box I inherited from my 96 y.o. mother-in (MORE)
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Has 'Ask Dr Rin' ever been dubbed in English?

Unfortunately not yet , only one group has ever finished subbing it and they did a very bad job at. The series doesn't look like it has been touched sense early 2005.
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What chapter is may-rins past shown black butler manga?

her past is never fully shown, it is mentioned in the Phantomhive murders arc that all the servants only knew how to kill and in a few scenes she is shown to be and amazing sn (MORE)