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Role of RNase in DNA extraction?

The role of RNase in DNA extraction in terms of purification. ForDNA extraction, the sample should be pure. It has to be free fromRNase or ribonuclease A.
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Function of RNAse in DNA extraction?

RNAse destroys the RNA and hence RNAse contamination is a problem in RNA extraction as it breaks down RNA. RNAse enzyme is removed by using RNAse inhibitor or precautions like ( Full Answer )
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Role of RNase in DNA purification?

RNAase remove RNA from the solution as we need DNA only. RNAse cuts down the RNA strand.
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Treatment of RNase with 8M urea but without adding mercaptoethanol would?

Urea itself will only break non-covalent bonds, breaking any protein into its basic subunits, polypeptide chains of amino acids. Without mercaptoethanol this would be the end ( Full Answer )