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What is ''roaming''?

It is another term for sex ^^^^^ In one sense, true....Lets just say it is how carriers butt hurt you if you know what i mean ;-) It's when you leave your mobile network ( Full Answer )
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Is there free roam on godfather psp?

No sorry......because its on psp, they have tried to keep the space usage on the UMD down. I highly recommend the console or PC versions though ;)
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Where do the buffalo roam?

They do not roam anywhere anymore. We effectively killed the species. There are some animals which we call "buffalo" which we created by taking the last of the buffalo and bre ( Full Answer )
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Antonym for roam?

I was just trying to find the same, in my attempt to find a word that describes "to walk with goal' I noticed that the English vocabulary has an astounding amount of words to ( Full Answer )
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What does roam mean?

roam means walk around the house or walk around some where when somebody don't know where your at.
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Where do wolves roam?

It depends on what kind of wolf it is. There are grey wolves (or timber wolves) and they usually roam the forest or woods. There are arctic wolves, and they might be found out ( Full Answer )
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Why is roaming expensive?

-Mobile companies need to create agreements with 200 foreign mobile operators. -These agreements are usually long-term agreements. -Long term agreements promotes outdated ( Full Answer )
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Where alpaca roam?

Alpacas are native to the mountains in South America , so that is most likely where you would find them roaming.
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Where the buffalo roam?

Millions of buffalo/bison roamed and still roam today in Colorado, not very few remain, they could become extinct!
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What was it like when dinosaurs roamed the earth?

when the dinosaurs roamed the earth's environment was superber was full of greenery. Ofcourse at that times there were several frequent ice ages coming in time having lot of d ( Full Answer )
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What era did dinosaurs roam?

Dinosaurs existed from 230 to 65.5 million years ago. That was from the mid Triassic period to the end of the Cretaceous period. All three periods were in the Mesozoic era.
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Is nfs carbon free roam?

it certainly is! once you beat the 2nd thingy then u will get a text and the subject will bee free roam. after that, go to career and load urs. then free roam is thr 2nd on th ( Full Answer )
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Were do killer whales roam in Antarctica?

Killer Whales -- Orcas -- are only equipped to roam in sea water.Around Antarctica, that sea water would be the Southern Ocean.
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Are dinosaurs still roaming the earth?

Yes, although not in the classic sense of dinosaurs. Research has shown that birds are in fact modern dinosaurs.
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Is alpha protocol free roam?

No, the only time you can just walk around is in the safehouses. (I was hoping for free roam as )well
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How many dinosaurs roamed the earth'?

Millions over the mass of years they reigned, and new ones are still being excavated and discovered.
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Can you free roam on naughty bear?

well i doubt it cause you just do episodes and killing bears i dnt think theres free roam in naughty bear i haven't beat the game yet but im working on it and there mioght be ( Full Answer )
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What year did pirates roam the seas?

Pirates roamed the seas in the 15th and 16th centuries, and in some places still roam the seas today.
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What do you dial for roaming?

With most providers, you don't need to dial anything to activate roaming. It's entirely automatic.
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Is there was there real roaming gnome?

There have been many roaming gnomes! What typically happens is that someone takes a gnome from a friends garden, and then they take pictures of the gnome in all sorts of place ( Full Answer )
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Is ARMA 2 free roam?

Yyes and no. While you are on a mission, there are no limits. Forget the objective and go where you want. But otherwise no. Missions only
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What is data roaming?

When data from your current provider is not available, your phone will probably search for another carrier programmed to work on your phone. When the phone picks up another da ( Full Answer )
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How do you get latias to roam the map in HG?

you beat all the 16 gyms, the liga 2nd time and go to Olivne city and take the ship. you goes to the house that is up to the left and you will meet Steven Stone.
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How do you free roam on mafia 2?

The best thing to do would be to (after beating game) go to chapter fourteen then when you get joes half for paying Bruno back you will have around 57 grand.
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Why do buffalo roam on the plains?

They were not domesticated animals, confined to a fenced area: they were (and still are) wild and free like other wildlife--deer, wolves, moose, etc.
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How do you catch the roaming Pokemon in emerald?

Chase them down with a fast Pokemon and do damage to them a little bit each time until they have a low amount of HP. Keep hunting them down in this way, throwing a different s ( Full Answer )
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Why do wild horses roam the US?

The wild Mustangs of the western United States are not really true wild horses. They are what is known as ferel, meaning they were once domesticated but have reverted back to ( Full Answer )
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What does roamed and rambled mean?

Roamed and rambled have similar meanings. Roamed means wanderedaround; rambled means almost the same thing, but with an aimlessquality to the wandering.
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Is roamed an adjective?

No. It is the past tense of the verb to roam, but it cannot be usedto describe something that roams. The other participle, roaming , can be an adjective.
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Why do lions roam?

To keep track of what is happening within their established territory, to find (or sometimes follow) food sources, to find water, etc.
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How do you activate my roaming?

Do you mean on your computer? You click the windows start button (bottom left windows icon) then type in %appdata% and press enter. And there you go you opened roaming!
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Why do cats roam?

They tend to explore in order to look for food, or if not neutered, to find a mate. A cat with access to outside, or a wild cat will have territories which the cat will patrol ( Full Answer )
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What is roaming in telecomunicationg?

Roaming - is an agreement between network providers to allow other people to use your network. Typically - it's usually between countries - so you can use your mobile while on ( Full Answer )
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Is roamed a verb?

Yes, it is a form of the verb "to roam" (to move about or wander). It is the past tense and the past participle of the verb.
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How do you spell roam?

There are two words you could mean. Roam is to wander around. Rome is the capital city of Italy.