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What does the name ronan mean?

It's an Irish name and it means 'little seal'. One of the important families in Cork are called the Ronaynes.
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Is ronan tynan gay?

I do not know from personal experience, but from all I have read & heard, the answer is absolutuely not!
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Does Ronan Tynan have a girlfriend?

If he does, she is a lucky woman. If he does not, I'm sure it is by choice.. Yes, Dr. Tynan has a longtime girlfriend who resides on the West Coast (USA). There is a lovely p ( Full Answer )
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Saoirse ronan the city of ember?

her favorite musicians and bands are Katy Perry Merle Haggard the Beach Boys Tom Jones Johnny Mathis Paul Anka Neil Sedaka Jim Croce Pink and Sugar Ray her favorite sports are ( Full Answer )
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Ronan keating is gay?

Nope, Ronan Keating is NOT gay! He has got a wife and 3 children!! However, being married and having kids does not mean that you are not gay. Many professionals use marriage ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ronan Tynan engaged to?

Supposedly, he's engaged to a woman named Martha Bernie based on answers to similar questions from other contributors.
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What are Ronan kettings kids names?

Jack , turning 9 on March 15th, Marie 'Missy' , 7, and Ali , 2 ½,
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What movies has Saoirse Ronan been in?

the lovely bones, The clinic, Proof, The Christmas miracle of Jonathan Tommey, Atonement, I could never be your women, Death Defying acts, The true confession of Charlotte Do ( Full Answer )
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How heavy is saoirse ronan?

hi my name is Saoirse ronan and i will never give up my weight.sry if you want to know but it is a secret
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Email address for ronan keating?

I'm afraid that no one can answer that. Personal information can not be disclosed without permission.
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What height is Saoirse Ronan?

Saoirse Ronan is 5 foot 6. but if i am wrong don't get in my face
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Who is saoirse ronan?

Saoirse Ronan pronounced (Sir-Shuh Row-nen) is a sixteen year old Irish Actress in a new movie called 'Hanna' and she's from other movies like The Lovely Bones, City of Ember, ( Full Answer )
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How old is Ronan Carter?

Ronan Carter - best known for his role in the film Mam, and for playing Kit in Sadie J - is 15.
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Is saoirse ronan gay?

She's too young to tell . Plus in general actors being professional liars it is almost impossible to tell what team they play on unless they themselves make a public statement ( Full Answer )
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Who is soairse ronan?

Soairse Ronan (pronounced Ser-shuh Row-nen) is a sixteen year old female Irish Actress who stars in the new movie 'Hannah' and also was in The Lovely Bones, City of Ember, Ato ( Full Answer )
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Did Saoirse Ronan have a mole when she was young?

no, she has not. the mole was painted on her face for her role inatonement (2007) as a visual sign to tie together the threeactresses playing the role of briony [Saoirse Ronan ( Full Answer )
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What is Ronan Parke's sexual orientation?

Ronan Parke is a 19-year-old male singer who entered Britains GotTalent in 2011 when he was 12. He has not stated his sexualorientation in public. WikiAnswers will not specula ( Full Answer )
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What song is Ronan Parke sinning?

Ronan Parke is currently singing: Because of You, We'll Rock the World, Forget you, Feeling Good, A Thousand Miles, Fix You, Songbird, Stronger Than I Am, Firework, Edge of ( Full Answer )
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How can you meet Ronan Parke?

I know how can you meet him, just go to watch him at his next concert! If you are an amazing singer and over 16 you can go on x factor and say this is for Ronan parke yo ( Full Answer )
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What is ronan parkes phone number?

That's private! Anyway, how would you feel if random people kept calling you or trying to look up your phone number? I would feel violated...
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What phone does Ronan Parke have?

He has an iPhone 4, he confirmed this himself and most of the time he tweets using twitter for iPhone.
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Is ronan parke dating?

he has a girlfriend and the answer before this is not true RONAN PARKE IS NOT GAY
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Did Ronan Parke live in Hove?

Yes, when he was five he lived in hove but then he moved to norwich when he was eight.
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How did Ronan Parke die?

Ronan Parke is not dead. I have him on twitter and facebook he isent dead ok and im meeting him backstage on 2nd july 2013
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Is ronan parke really dead?

No he's not dead I even have proof I am meeting him backstage on july 2 2013
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What songs are on Ronan Parke's album?

1. "Feeling Good" 2. "Forget You" 3. "A Thousand Miles" 4. "Fix You" 5. "Because of You" 6. "You Gotta Be" 7. "Make You Feel My Love" 8. "Songbird" 9. "We'll R ( Full Answer )
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Who is the song Ronan by Taylor Swift about?

Taylor wrote this song based on a blog she read of a four year old boy named Ronan who died of neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. She wrote this song with co-writing from Maya T ( Full Answer )
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Who is John Ronan?

John Ronan is a founding principal of John Ronan Architects inChicago, and is a professor in the College of Architecture atIllinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.
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Is Ronan Parke low?

He's a great little talented lad. Much better than that so called gaylord Justin Bieber imo..
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What has the author Ronan Noone written?

Ronan Noone has written: 'The blowin of Baile Gall' -- subject(s): Drama, Refugees, Racism 'The lepers of Baile Baiste' -- subject(s): Abused children, Catholic Church, Ch ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ronan Bennett written?

Ronan Bennett has written: 'Discoverer of the Human Heart-William Harvey 1578-1657 (Short Lives)' 'Zugzwang' -- subject(s): Fiction, Psychoanalysts, History 'Zugzwang' - ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ronan Sorensen written?

Ronan Sorensen has written: 'Inside Microsoft Windows NT Internet development' -- subject(s): Microsoft Windows NT, Operating systems (Computers)