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What is the meaning of rsa?

Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard M. Adleman was the RSA Code inventors, and code's name is the first letter of the last name of each inventor.
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What is the meaning of RSA in case of RSA token?

Rivest, Shamir and Adleman, the inventors of the algorithm. Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) Authentication Mechanism is used to simplify the security environment for the Flexible ( Full Answer )
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What do the letters RSA stand for?

RSA is a data-encryption technology utilizing prime factorization.Its name is derived from the developers who created it: Rivest,Shamir and Adelman.
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How does RSA work?

Remote Supervisor Adapter PCI adapter which simplifies remote system management by providing around-the-clock remote access to the server. The RSA monitors the server and se ( Full Answer )
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What cipher is rsa encryption?

In cryptography, RSA (which stands for the names of the people who first publicly described it; Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman ) is an algorithm for public-key cryptography. Cl ( Full Answer )
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How RSA is public key algorithm?

RSA (which derives from the first initials of the last names of Prof. Ronald R ivest, Dr. Adi S hamir, and Prof. Leonard A dleman who first publicly described it) is an al ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantage of rsa algorithm?

A disadvantage of using public-key cryptography for encryption is speed. There are many secret-key encryption methods that are significantly faster than any currently availabl ( Full Answer )
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Where are Goodyear RSA tires made?

Most likely at the Goodyear plant nearest to where you saw them on sale. There are at least 15 Goodyear tire plants in north America. You haven't given your location.
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What is an RSA SecurID token used for?

The RSA SecurID token was created to help the sercurity of a website. It creates a unique code for a user. This helps protect a website from password replay attacks.
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How do you implement RSA algorithm in java?

This is a perfectly running code..... package javaapplication1; import*; import*; import javax.crypto.Cipher; public class NewClass { public stati ( Full Answer )