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What was the job of an RTO in World War 2?

Answer . A "Rail Transportation Officer" would organize & route military trains from point of origin to destination. \n. \nRichard V. Horrell\nWW 2\n. \ (MORE)
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What is a force recon platoon rto?

Radio Telephone Operater- use a long range radio at the platoon level. force recon is an elite marine unit
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How many rto are in your kerala?

KL-01. Trivandrum. KL-02. Kollam. KL-03. Pathanamthitta. KL-04. Alappuzha. KL-05. Kottayam. KL-06. Idukki. KL-07. Ernakulam. KL-08. Thrissur. KL-09. Palakkad. (MORE)
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What does RTO mean military-wise?

R.T.O. Stands for Radio Telephone Operator. Traditionally the RTO was just the guy that's designated to carry the radio. It was extremely heavy and whoever was charged with ma (MORE)
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How do backup and recovery procedures help achieve RTO?

By documenting and implementing backup and recovery procedures, the process for recovery is much more efficient, helping with the time portion of RTO. By having effective back (MORE)
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In orde rto be like noble gas an element can change which subatomic particle?

An element can either gain or lose electrons to achieve a noble gas electron configuration. Such an electron configuration gives an atom of an element a full outer shell, ther (MORE)