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What is RTTI?

Answer . RTTI means run time type identification. It is the process of identifying the type of an identifier or an object during runtime which is not known during compile t ( Full Answer )
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What is program written in c plus plus for RTTI?

RTTI (run-time type information) is often necessary when dealing with a hierarchy of classes for which the virtual interface does not provide enough information about the tota ( Full Answer )
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What is RTTI in c plus plus?

RTTI is runtime type information. It is a basic requirement of the dynamic_cast operator in order to ensure all casts between polymorphic objects within a class hierarchy are ( Full Answer )
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What is rtti in c plus plus programming?

RTTI stands for Run Time Type Information. It is a mechanism where running code can know type information about a class, such as when given a pointer to a virtual base class t ( Full Answer )