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What does SES stand for?

It stands for CM Punk's Straight Edge Society.
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Who is the ses masked man?

well. my first thought was undertaker now that hes inna vegated state that's not him .now i think its joey mercury i did some research and it Joey Mercury he will be a matc (MORE)
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What does Se'-lah in The Bible mean?

It is variously seen as pause either for silence or musical interlude, a signal for the congregation to sing, recite, or fall prostrate on the ground. The earliest Jewish trad (MORE)
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What is 'se' in French?

"se" is the reflexive pronoun of the third person in singular or plural for "he", "she" or "them". It can be interpreted as "himself", "herself", "itself" or "themselves". It (MORE)
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Why did the ses start?

S.E.S. (Sea, Eugene, Shoo), (Hangul: 에스.이.에스) was a South Korean girl group under the management of SM Entertainment. Lasting from 1997 to 2002.