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What is 'setup' where is it stored or processed?

Answer . When you start a computer, you get a prompt that says something like "Hit F2 to enter Setup". In this case, Setup is the information stored in the BIOS, and is lo (MORE)
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What are the car setups for Nascar Thunder 2004?

Answer . It depends on what track you are driving on. At Daytona and Talladega, I use 3.5 turns of wedge and 30 psi in the tires. At Bristol and Martinsville, I use -1.0 tu (MORE)
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What are the different basketball setups that are legal in high school basketball?

There is triangle, where you set screens and try to inbound the ball.. there is stack, where the team on defece piles up on the the ofence blocking the hoop. there is high a (MORE)
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Where to get your supplies for catering function for table setups?

Try purchasing these items online because some restaurant supply stores are not open to the public. You can buy chafing dishes and candles, large serving spoons, chocolate fo (MORE)
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Model TE--2A mechanical timer switch how to-setup?

Push down on the top ring/tabs (black in colour for Status TE-2Amodel) for the timer to turn on. Down activates the timer, updeactivates or turned off. Here a link to help. ht (MORE)
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Are there ergonomically correct setups for your computer system?

One of the first considerations in an ergonomically safe environment is a comfortable chair. - a chair with five legs and wheels for easy movement will ensure stability - adju (MORE)
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How do you connect a wireless N Internet Home Monitoring Camera wireless I have followed the steps but when I get to wireless setup it does not work.?

There are multiple reasons for that. Most common are... You are currently working in secured wireless network and the camera is not configured for it. Second, your camera is c (MORE)
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How muchg weight would you lose if you did 10 setups for 7 days?

None. Weight loss is only peripherally related to exercise. The primary factor in weight gain or loss is caloric intake as compared to caloric expenditure. If you eat fewer (MORE)
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When you attempt to set up an email account on an android device using the automatic configuration feature and the setup fail what do you do next?

If you get errors using automatic confi guration, then try againwith Automatically configure account unchecked. You can thenmanually configure the account. When you manually c (MORE)
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Do LED stage lighting setups use much power?

LED stage lighting setups use more power than fluorescent light setups because LED stage lighting shines much brighter thus the need for more power than any other lighting.
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What are some basic portrait lighting setups?

Some basic portrait lighting setups include: Paramount lighting (also known as butterfly lighting) which projects a symmetrical shadow along one's nose, Loop lighting which is (MORE)