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Is he shy?

depends on how he acts. if he doesn't talk alot to others then he probably is.
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How do you be less shy?

u can't really be less shy but u can start with this. think of wut it is you r shy about. then u think of y ur shy about this thing. then keep goin' thru ur hed the reason u ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you are shy?

If you want to be less shy, you have to view shyness as a lack ofskills in social interactions and then get some practice in avariety of environments. Then, you will be able t ( Full Answer )
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Why are guys shy?

Answer . Answer. Unfortunately, not only guys are shy, girls too, although they are better at hiding it than the guys. It's a period of our lives that we go through and so ( Full Answer )
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Are you shy?

Well, what kind of symptoms do you have. Do you blush around people. Or dread presentations. It could be a lot of things.
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How do you not be shy?

To not be shy is trying to change your mindset in the way you view things. Being shy probably means you don't have the skills to communicate effectively. Try first looking to ( Full Answer )
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How can you not be shy?

Hi, Too not be shy is about changing your mindset. Shyness can be directly related to low confidence and self-esteem. If you can transform your mind so that you can think th ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your girlfriend is shy?

Well i think you should make her feel confortable around you, dont ever let her put her head down. . Tell her she's beautiful And everything.. But if that doesn't work.. ( Full Answer )
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Why are you shy?

Some people aren't, but some people are. It's just in personality. You can't help it sometimes, but you blush if the attention is ALL ON YOU. It's ok to be shy. It's just the ( Full Answer )
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Can you be born shy?

I , personally, think so. If anyone was "born shy" it was me, though I overcame it later in life. But all throughout my childhood I was painfully shy and quiet. Now, as a pare ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with a shy boyfriend?

What you do with a shy boyfriend is to invite him out, with some of his friends or some your friends and let the friends talk with him, you talk with the friends. This should ( Full Answer )
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How do you get out the shy stage?

you can get out the shy stage by talking to more people be more approchable to meeeting new people. You cant expect to go a place and want everyone to talk to you and you dnt ( Full Answer )
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What is shy?

Drawing back from contact or familiarity with others, so basically, not being able to talk to people because you don't really know what to say or do, when around somebody.
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Why is she shy?

That may just be the way she is. I dont know if you like this girl but she may like you. Some girls get very quiet and nervous around guys they like.
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How do you become shy?

This is a diffficult thing to do. You must look inside yourself and decide how you wish to present yourself to the world. Some people may see shyness as a weakness or a lack o ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if he is shy?

use your instincts! you have them for a reason! i say, if you notice him looking at you, but then quickly or turns around(or some strange behavior like that..), then of course ( Full Answer )
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Is garu shy?

Yes he is shy and nervous to express his feelings for Pucca but other than that he is not really shy around other people.
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What can you do to not be shy?

Just think about this- When ever you have been shy in the past, after you did what you were shy about, are you embarrassed of doing that? Or do you wish that you would have do ( Full Answer )
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How can you get out of your shy habit?

You have to build up your confidence and self esteem, you can do it!!! There are many self help books out but I like books by Louise Hay they are excellent. Your city library ( Full Answer )
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What is a shy coin?

The coin that is worn over the external female genitalia i.e. over her vagina is called as shy coin. Usually that is worn by girls during their childhood to hide their vagina ( Full Answer )
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Are hamsters shy?

For the first week you have your hamster it will be shy so play with it every day so it will get youst to you and your sent. they also maybe shy to visitors they havnt seen in ( Full Answer )
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Why is he shy to kiss me?

Please keep your nasty comments to yourself. And how would you know that i am ugly? Have you SEEN me? No didnt think so
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Why are tabbys shy?

Not all tabby cats are shy. A cat's coat pattern ("tabby" is a term for a certain coat pattern) doesn't depict its personality.
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Are ferrets shy?

It depends. Most ferrets are hardy and social. But some from abusive homes can be aggressive or shy.
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How can a shy guy be more not shy?

He'll be less shy when he gets to know you better. Just give it time and he'll come out of his shell :)
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Are Germans shy?

No, they are reserved. They will not warm up to you unless they know you very well.
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What is shy coin?

Shy coin is a Heart shaped Metal Piece which covers the female vaginal area ... the heart shaped metal piecei which is have one Small hole on the top center edge of the metal ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when lonely and shy?

Use a friendship website to make new friends near where you live. Using social networks, gaming or similar websites, such as Facebook, Minecraft or even is a gre ( Full Answer )
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What is a platypus shy of?

The platypus is shy of most other creatures larger than itself. Sudden sounds will make it scurry for cover, and it is rarely seen in the wild by humans.
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How do you talk when you are shy?

I get being shy, considering I am. And it's really hard when you're standing there blushing and stuttering while trying to talk to someone, especially someone you really like. ( Full Answer )
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Are starfish shy?

Sometimes. A good test for this is to tickle one gently with your finger. If he hugs you tightly, this is a good sign. However if begins to scream and the police turn up, get ( Full Answer )
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Why are deers shy?

Many animals are shy of human beings, including deer. Humans cause a lot of problems for animals, for example habitat loss and hunting- and thus parents teach their young to b ( Full Answer )
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Is she too shy?

Soo there's this girl, and we've been talking on Facebook for alittle over a year. We don't talk at school, like at all... And Ithought that the reason that she never talks to ( Full Answer )
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Why am I shy?

People are shy for different reasons. maybe you are not used to being around strange people. You can try to overcome your shyness by talking to strangers in the grocery store ( Full Answer )
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Is a cat shy?

It depends on what kind of cat you get and its viewpoints onthings. I have 3 cats. Two are SUPER outgoing, happy, and areattention lovers. The other just kinda stays under the ( Full Answer )