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Is the Mona Lisa smirking or smiling?

no one really knows the answer to that question. i don't think shewould be smirking though. Did u notice she has no eyebrows? Well duh she has no eyebrows. All of da vinci's p (MORE)
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Is smirked a prefix or suffix?

well I acctually dont know which one it is idk if it is a prefix or a suffix but if u are reading my answer right now and know the answer please let me know my email is c.meza (MORE)
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What does it mean if you look at a girl and she smirks at you for 5 seconds?

well it's likely that you were watching her for longer than the 5 seconds she smirked at you right... Even the most attractive of men can't stare at women for ages without th (MORE)
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What does it mean when someone smirks at you? can mean allot of thing either they don't like you or what your wearing your boot.. your necklace etc. so,,,it like being envyed....
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What does it mean when a guy smirks at you in a happy laughing kind of way?

A smirk means you just did something stupid and a laugh means you did something funny. So if he does both of these together, it means what you just did should have looked real (MORE)
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Is you smirked correct context?

It's a valid grammatical construction. By the way, "context" doesn't mean what you think it means.
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Is smirked a verb?

Smirked is a verb and And Adjective Adjective Example: The smirked dolphin lookedcrazy. Verb Example: The little boy smirked his lips at thebaby who was crying. It is (MORE)