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What does the SNS do?

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for maintaining fight-or-flight and alertness-related functions of the autonomic nervous system. It's key neurotransmitter cla (MORE)
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What compound is SnS?

Tin(II) sulfide is a chemical compound of tin and sulfur. Itschemical formula is SnS.
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How does SNS lower blood pressure?

SNS stands for the Sympathetic Nervous System. This system becomesmuch more active during stress, raising blood pressure. Incontrast, the parasympathetic nervous system helps (MORE)
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What does SNS mean on twitter?

In Texting it means Sorry-not Sorry, but in regards to twitter orfacebook as a website SNS stands for social network service. Someof the most popular SNS sites are Facebook, G (MORE)
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What does SNS stand for?

Most commonly refers to a 'Social Networking Site', but see the Related Link for other possible SNS meanings.
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What is sns integration?

Its social network service integration Smart phones with apps like fb ang G+ integrated in it
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What channel is NBC-SN on dish?

NBC Sports Network is on channel 151 (used to be Versus). Thanks.
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Where can one find information on the SNS bank?

Business Week and Moody's both have information on the SNS bank. SNS is a Dutch retail bank that offers financial products to both companies and individuals.
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What is sns?

SNS is an abbreviation for the sympathetic nervous system.
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What year is my gator SN.1M04X2SJCBMO70144?

John Deere does not have an open database to lookup serial numbersfor equipment. Your local John Deere dealer would be happy to helpyou find the year of your gator. Use the de (MORE)