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What is SOS Vietnam?

It was the Women's Anti-War Movement in Australia that was both anti Vietnam War but also anti conscription.

What does SOS stand for?

Emergency Signal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOS has been sugges (MORE)

Why do you say an Sos not A SOS?

There really art any difrents S.O.s s.os they mean the same thing save our sols but most people dont do S.o.s they always do S.O.S/ there is other words like that like lol â (MORE)

Is so-so an English word?

No.. "So" is an Enlgish word, "so so" is a phrase using the same word twice which refers to something being reasonable, or not bad but not great.. "You went to the football (MORE)

Meaning of so-so?

OK, average, not good not bad, etc. Reply to improvement : Beyond words how I know that. It's a label for the scizoaffective side on Bipolar D""

How do you do SOS?

you have to show a chicken a snail to understand the true meaning of the universe... hope this is much use to your young monkey or gorrila baby.. much love to all the nans in (MORE)
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What does so-in-so mean?

so in so is just a way of saying this person and that person. Usually people use that just to give examples.

What does 'So' Mean?

so is a reason like i was ill SO i didn't go to the party. it is a word that is used as a because.

What does 'so so' mean?

It means that something is neither good nor bad. You say "so so" if someone asks "How are you?" and you are feeling sort of blah. It can also be used with a hand gesture, wher (MORE)