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What is an SRB on a space shuttle?

An SRB is an acronym for Solid Rocket Booster. The SRBs are the two white rockets attached to the side of the US Space Shuttle's external fuel tank. They weigh about 1,300,000 ( Full Answer )
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Ignoring guidance issues could a space shuttle srb make it to orbit if launched on its own?

To date, no Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO) rocket has ever been manufactured. Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation shows that dead weight will prevent reaching orbit unless the ratio o ( Full Answer )
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What does the acronym SRB stand for?

There are numerous acronyms for the letters SRB. There are approximately seventy-nine SRB acronyms, which include: Solid Rocket Booster, Service Request Block, Self Run Busine ( Full Answer )