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What is a SSG?

In the US Army a Staff Sergeant (an E-6); simply a rocker (another stripe) under the 3 stripes. A 3 striper would be a buck sergeant (an E-5).
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Why do technicians need to wear SSG?

This is to keep dust and other contaminants from coming in contact with the hardware
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Ssg commando vs nsg commando?

SSG & NSG both are well trained & well equipped but SSG is quite experienced and so is the NSG in Anti-terrorist & other operations. While NSG has been conducting Anti-terr ( Full Answer )
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What are the army promotion requirements from SSG to SFC?

Here are the requirements for the SFC 2010 board. ! 6 year minimum TIS This chapter provides the rules and steps for managing the Centralized Promotion System to SFC, MS ( Full Answer )
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How many users can ssg 350 handle?

The userlimit of the Juniper SSG350M is unrestricted, meaning there is no limit. There are however some other limitations: Max Concurrent Sessions 128,000 Max Security Poli ( Full Answer )
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What are the platforms of a SSG officer?

A few platforms include implementation of recycling, reach outprograms, seminars, establishment of clubs, and flag retreats. Theplatforms of a SSG officer are set by the offic ( Full Answer )
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What rank is a SSG?

SSG is the Army abbreviation for Staff Sergeant. In the Army and Marine Corps, Staff Sergeant is pay grade E6. In the Air Force, Staff Sergeant is pay grade E5.
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What is kaelyns name from ssg?

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How do you audition for ssg?

If you are under the age of 16 you can audition for SSG by submitting a 2 minute You Tube audition saying why you want to be an ssg and sharing a little about yourself.
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How do you be like jenna ssg?

How to be like Jenna Arend: . -Listento popular music. -Havelots of friends. -Bepositive. -Smellgood. -Lookgood. -Wearcool clothes. -Shopat:. -Pacsun. -Abercrombie. ( Full Answer )
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What is kaelyn's from ssg phone number?

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Jenna from ssg phone number?

Celebrities 'personal' numbers are NEVER revealed to the generalpublic ! This is to stop drunken 'fans' calling them up at 3amwanting them to 'say hi to my mate' ! The nearest ( Full Answer )