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Child support and ssi?

SSI recipients are not liable for current, ongoing child support and child support, current or past-due, cannot be withheld from SSI payments. [SSI recipients are, of course, ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a loan on your ssi?

You usually cannot get a loan on your SSI, though some payday loancompanies may allow it. You can use it as your income source forthe purpose of getting a loan.
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SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. It is a program thatgives stipends to people who have low-income or those who are aged65 and older, blind, or disabled.
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Can anyone on ssi get on stimulus payment?

One of the highlights of President Obama's recently signed American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act was the announcement of a $250 stimulus payment to individuals who ( Full Answer )
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Where does SSI check come from?

SSI is administered by Social Security and is funded by general revenues - taxes, etc.
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Problems of ssi?

The production problems include raw material availability, capacity utilization, and storage problems. * The marketing problems arises because of dealing in only one pr ( Full Answer )
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Can SSI be garnished?

No.. SSI and other Social Security or public assistance benefits can only be garnished if the matter relates to child support or tax arrearages. . There has, however, been a ( Full Answer )
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How is the SSI and disability in Canada?

Canada has various programs at the provincial or territorial level that provide monthly income to disabled people who cannot earn income. In Ontario, there is the Ontario Disa ( Full Answer )
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Can you work if you get SSI?

Yes it is possible to draw disability and work part time; however there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of. This site may be able to answer some of your question ( Full Answer )
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Can you work and still receive SSI?

Yes it is possible to draw disability and work part time; however there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of. This site under the Related Link below may be able to ( Full Answer )
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How do you apply for ssi?

You can apply in person, at your local Social Security office, or you can apply online. Here is a link from the Social Security Administrations website explaining to you how t ( Full Answer )
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How much do you get for SSI?

i am 65 years old and receive $337.00 per month, how much ssi will give me if i apply for it?
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Can you get ssi?

Yes, if you are disabled or have reached the age of 62 and the monthly amount is determined by the average hours and pay during your work history. Usually you get a statement ( Full Answer )
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How can a person on ssi buy a car?

I am a mom of a 41 year old son with ADHD, just approved for ssi, meaning he is disabled but does not have sufficient work quarters to qualify for ssd. Not surprising for an A ( Full Answer )
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What is the full form of the SSI?

Supplemental Security Insurance/Income. A form of SS benefits that are awarded to persons who do not qualify for regular SS or SSD benefits yet are in need of assistance due t ( Full Answer )
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Will you lose your ssi benefits if you get married?

NO... that is your money set aside for when its your time to receive it ... there is no way it can be taken from you if it was gained legally ... you can hit the loto for mill ( Full Answer )
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Can you get ssd and ssi?

You can get SSI if your other income, including SSD, is less than the SSI standard.
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Is ssi the same social security?

No. "SSDI" --- as you stated "SSI" --- is for those who haveapplied for (some) disability. SSA, applies to those who havereached the age of 65, with no disabilities. Everyone ( Full Answer )
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Can your child lose his ssi if you get married?

no because you getting married has nothing to do with his disability benefits he has the right to his benefits reguardless of what decisions you make in life ... =)
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When was SSI implemented?

Congress introduced Supplemental Security Income as Public Law 92-603, an amendment to the Social Security Act, which was enacted and became effective on October 30, 1972.
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How long can you collect ssi?

Until you die or otherwise become ineligible because of, e.g., you are no longer disabled (if under 65) or you fail to cooperate with SSA.
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How can you get on ssi?

Show the Social Security Administration that you have little or no income/assets and that you are either over age 65 or "permanently and totally" disabled as defined by Social ( Full Answer )
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Can you get SSI disability for sleep apnea?

By itself, this has proved difficult. However, in combination with other conditions and/or diseases, this has been done.
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How can you get back childsupport if the father get ssi?

SSI benefits are subject to garnishment for child supportobligations. The custodial parent should file suit against the noncustodial parent to recover the monies owed. If the ( Full Answer )
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Can arrearages be deducted from SSI?

Yes. Child support obligations and/or arrearages can be garnished from any Social Security benefit payment. That is applicable only when the obligated parent is the one receiv ( Full Answer )
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How does someone apply for SSI?

Someone can apply for SSI online, by phone, or they can apply in person at their local SSA office. The person applying for SSI are required to have a social security number.
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What is the function of ssi?

Supplemental Security Income provides financial assistance to indigent US citizens who are 65+ years old or disabled.
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Can you lose SSI if you get your GED?

No, it was not approved on the basis of your not having a diploma. Go ahead and get your GED.
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Can you get SSI for having hepatitis c?

If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis C and chronic liverdisease, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefitsunder the official listing for liver disease. If n ( Full Answer )