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Who is St. Hyacinth?

There were 2 well known Saints with the name Hyacinth. . The 2nd century Saint- Hyacinth of Caesarea. . The 3rd century Saint- Hyacinth and Protus. Hyacinth of Caesarea w (MORE)
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Who was St. Marie?

St Marie was Marie de l'Incarnation there is a heritage site in midland Ontario called st Marie
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What is ST?

It would depend on the context in which it was used. Here is a list of some of the more common uses. . standard time . short ton . saint . speech therapy . stratosphere (MORE)
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What did st Aidan do?

St. Aidan founded his own cathedral in Lindisfarne and became itsfirst bishop. He also traveled far to spread the gospel tonobility, slaves, and children.
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What did St. Peter do?

he worked as a fisherman with his brother andrew for their father.Peter was in a jewish class but lacked education.
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Who is St. Ashley?

Ralph Ashley d.1606, martyr. An Englishman, he served as cook atDouai College, went to Valladolid, Spain in 1590, became a Jesuitlay brother and returned to England in 1598. H (MORE)
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Who was St. Benedict and what did he do?

St. Benedict (c. 480 - c. 547)was the son of a Roman noble ofNursia, a small town near Spoleto, and a tradition, which St. Bedeaccepts, makes him a twin with his sister Schola (MORE)
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Where is St Albans?

St Albans College is located in South Africa. There is also a StAlbans School located in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England and a StAlbans School located in Washington DC.
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Who is st. vigeous?

patron saint of vampires as stated in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. not sure if he's real though..
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Where is St. Judes?

st judes national is in Baltimore, MD in a simple little brick building it is very solemn . st judes childrens hospital is in Memphis tn. these are the two best known
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Where is St Petersburg?

St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad and Petrograd) is a city inRussia. IT is located in Leningradskaya Oblast in the north westernpart Russia, on the Gulf of Finland, not far f (MORE)
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Who is St Joachim?

Joachim is the Virgin Mary's father. Answer In the Infancy Gospel of James, Joachim is described as the father of Mary, mother of Jesus and, although the Infancy Gospel (MORE)
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Is there a St. Deirdre?

Yes there is her name is on wiki. If you go to St. Deirdre wiki itwill tell you or at least what her name means.
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Who is St. Joseph?

There are many saints named Joseph, but the most well-known St. Joseph is the husband of Mary, and Jesus' earthy father. Joseph was a carpenter by trade, and is the patron sai (MORE)
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What did St. Ignatius do?

That's a big question.. In a nutshell: St. Ignatius of Loyola was a Spanish Cleric (soldier when needed) who lost his leg during a battle with the French army during the (MORE)
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Who is the St. Bethany?

There is no saint named Bethany. Bethany is the name of the village near Jerusalem that was the home to Mary Magdalene, her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus.
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Who was St. George?

Saint George, martyred c. 300 AD, is the patron saint of England. Saint George was a Christian who spoke out against Christian persecution. He was born in Turkey and is the (MORE)
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What does St st meaning in knitting?

it is an abbreviation for Stockinette Stitch also known as Stocking stitch . It is basic stitch where you knit one row and purl one back and repeat just these two rows written (MORE)
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What did St. Maximilian do?

Maximilian Kolbe died on August 14, 1941, by lethal carbolic acid injection after three weeks of starvation and dehydration at the Auschwitz, Poland death camp. He had offered (MORE)
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What is mdse st?

MDSE is the abbreviation for merchandise. It can also stand forModel-Driven Software Engineering, Message Delivery ServiceElement, and Model Driven Software Evolution.
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What is a st bedroom?

A bedroom is a closed space withe entrance and exit where you sleep for example: this is my bed room and im going to sleep
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Who was St. Joseph and what did he do?

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mother Mary and the Earthly father of Jesus Christ. I have been told that if you pray to Saint Joseph when you have lost something, that soon y (MORE)
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Who was St. Linda?

Saint Linda, also known as St. Ermelinda, was a Belgian girl who lived as a solitary, dedicating her whole life to God alone. Little else is known.
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Where was St. Patrick from?

St. Patrick is known to have been from Britain, although exactly where is no sure. Somewhere around southern Wales or the southwest of England.
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How is st phoebe?

St Phoebe was a deaconess of the Church at Cinchona, the Port of Corinth. She was recommended to the Christian congregation at Rome by St. Paul, who praised her for her assist (MORE)
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What does a chloropla st do?

Thte chlorplasts main function (job) is to use photosynthesis to convert water and CO2 into sugar using the sun as its energy sourcee
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What is there to do at St Barths?

"There are many things to do in St Barths. Check out local events, fitness clubs, surfing, and scuda diving. April appears to be the best month to go as far as local events."
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Who was St. Denis?

Wikipedia: According to Christian tradition, Saint Denis (also calledDionysius, Dennis, or Denys) is a Christian martyr and saint . In the third century (third century = 20 (MORE)
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Who was St. Matthew?

He was one of the 12 apostles, or disciples, of Jesus. He wrote the first Gospel.
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What was St Petersburg?

The capital of Russia until 1917, when Moscow became the capital, and St. Peterburg was renamed Leningrad. The name changed back to St.Petersburg after the fall of communism (MORE)
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Where is bourbon St.?

There are dozens of "Bourbon Street"'s in existence all over the world. Some being road-names, some being the names of restaurants, some being clubs and so on. There's a ro (MORE)
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Who was St. Cuthbert?

Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel is the combative deity of wisdom,dedication, and zeal In some versions of the Dungeons andDragons roleplaying game, Originally created for the (MORE)
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What does St. Christopher do?

St. Christopher is a legendary saint that is commonly symbolized onpendants. There are different beliefs about these pendants. Somelook at them as a good luck charm and if you (MORE)
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What is a St Run?

St Run stands for "straight run". When ordering chicks, there is a choice. You can receive [1] all males/roosters/cockerels, [2] all females/pullets/hens, or [3] straight run (MORE)