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Who is St. Hyacinth?

There were 2 well known Saints with the name Hyacinth. . The 2nd century Saint- Hyacinth of Caesarea. . The 3rd century Saint- Hyacinth and Protus. Hyacinth of Caesarea w ( Full Answer )
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Who was St. Marie?

St Marie was Marie de l'Incarnation there is a heritage site in midland Ontario called st Marie
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What is ST?

It would depend on the context in which it was used. Here is a list of some of the more common uses. . standard time . short ton . saint . speech therapy . stratosphere ( Full Answer )
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Is there a St. Deirdre?

Yes there is her name is on wiki. If you go to St. Deirdre wiki itwill tell you or at least what her name means.
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Who is St. Joseph?

There are many saints named Joseph, but the most well-known St. Joseph is the husband of Mary, and Jesus' earthy father. Joseph was a carpenter by trade, and is the patron sai ( Full Answer )
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What did St. Ignatius do?

That's a big question.. In a nutshell: St. Ignatius of Loyola was a Spanish Cleric (soldier when needed) who lost his leg during a battle with the French army during the ( Full Answer )
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Who is the St. Bethany?

There is no saint named Bethany. Bethany is the name of the village near Jerusalem that was the home to Mary Magdalene, her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus.
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Who was St. George?

Saint George, martyred c. 300 AD, is the patron saint of England. Saint George was a Christian who spoke out against Christian persecution. He was born in Turkey and is the ( Full Answer )
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What does St st meaning in knitting?

it is an abbreviation for Stockinette Stitch also known as Stocking stitch . It is basic stitch where you knit one row and purl one back and repeat just these two rows written ( Full Answer )