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What is the synonym for stab?

knife, injure or wound. shank. I dont think shank is a verb, the word shank is another word for an implement.
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Who stabbed Caesar?

Brutus, Casca, Cinna, Cassius, Decius, Metellus, Trebonius, Popilius, and Publius.
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Where was Caesar stabbed?

Gaius Julius Caesar, or Caesar was stabbed in the Roman Capitol during a meeting of the senate, by senators who declared themselves to be the 'liberators' of Rome. He was stab (MORE)
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Why did jt get stabbed?

JT got stabbed because of the Lakehaurst and Degrassi rivalry.Now they could've peed on anyone's car but they peed on JT's.Jt didnt do anything.He was joking around and he was (MORE)
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Can a ghost stab you?

Unless it is a poltergeist, least I hope not.
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Who stabs the soc?

Johnny kills the soc in the outsiders
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Where was mercutio stabbed?

Near his hip on the side in the Baz Luhrmann film, in most plays they did it was in the heart.
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Where can you get stabbed and not die?

It depends on how deep but places on your arm and legs. There is one part on your abdomen area. And your foot. AND PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 21FUNFUN and subscribe. (MORE)
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What is like to be stabbed?

People get stabbed accidentally or deliberately every day and live to tell about it. This question actually has many answers depending on what you were stabbed with and where (MORE)
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Will you get stabbed in London?

Stabbings in London are on the rise but generally speaking that is because guns are outlawed and expensive. Knives become the weapon of choice for self defense and aggressive (MORE)
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What is STAB in Pokemon?

Same Type Attack Bonus. Gives a 1.5 boost to an attack's power if it is same type as attacker.
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What is a bacterial stab?

It's a way of saving/storing bacteria for transport. Say I requested you to send me some E.coli carrying a vector I needed. You would start with a tube carrying solid growth m (MORE)
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What is agar stab?

culture is stabbed deeply into the agar using an inoculating needle....
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Is stab an adverb?

No. Stab is a verb, and also a noun that can be used as an adjunct (e.g. stab wound). The closest adverb form is the awkward "stabbingly" (e.g. severe) referring to the inte (MORE)
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What do you do if you get stabbed?

Don't pull the knife out it keeps you from bleeding to death call 911 or 000 immediately. Leave it in until the emegency unit arrives
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How do you stab kick?

A stab kick in Australian rules is a kick that is very fast and low to the ground, usually not going above eye height. The kick is very much like a very low drop kick - wher (MORE)
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Can you stab a zebra?

yes, because you can stab any living animal, if you can catch it.
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What is a stab column?

Stab column is the one which does not have footing and pedestal support(reinforcement), which it rises from beams or slabs for upper levels . - K @ $ ! civil engineeri (MORE)
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What is meant by stab?

to kill someone with a knife but hit it or push it hard inside there body
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Where was Caesar when he was stabbed-?

Julius Caesar was stabbed in the portico of the Theatre of Pompey. He was going there for a meeting of the senate. The senate was temporarily meeting at this theatre because C (MORE)