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What is a stade race?

Race of speed or stade race (600feet or 200m). It covered theOlympia track from one end to the other (192,28m). The winner wascalled stadionikis (winner of stadion). The first (MORE)
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What is the profession of Frederica Von Stade?

Frederica Von Stade is a mezzo-soprano opera singer. She has received a Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording in 1984. She records music as well as performing live in concert. (MORE)
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What is the address for Stade Toulousain Rugby?

The address for Stade Toulousain Rugby is 75 Rue d'Alsace lorrain Toulouse 63100. The Stade Toulousain Rugby is located in France. The Stade's phone number is +33561216781.
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What is the stade de France and where is it?

The Stade de France is a large stadium serving as France's nationalstadium. It is located just north of Paris, in the neighbouringtown of Saint-Denis.