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When do i shift gears on my 2007 suzuki sv 650s?

I just bought one of these myself. It's a tough call to say really. First gear sucks it, you need to get out of first really as soon as you are moving a little bit. From there ( Full Answer )
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What is the gas mileage for the 2006 Suzuki SV - 650s?

Your gas mileage will vary depending on your riding style and habits. For example, I have got 250 kms from a tank with conservative driving on backroads. (250 kms from fill-up ( Full Answer )
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What does sv mean in hockey?

sv stands for "save" or "save percentage" depending on where it is used. This is a statistic tracked for goalies. a save is recorded each time a goalie stops the puck from ent ( Full Answer )
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How do you install a Sears Sport SV 20 cargo carrier?

You can get a replacement manul from Sears Parts at 800-366-7278 and refer to type Sport 20-SV and model #300-72000. hope this helps! Sears is migrating from the SportRack m ( Full Answer )
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Sears sport 20-sv cargo carrier instruction manual?

Try It's supposed to have manuals for everything. You can also contact Sears and ask them where you can find a manual if the product is an older one ( Full Answer )
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Can Panasonic SV-MP020 mp3 player work with Mac OS X?

On Ubuntu Linux if you run this command in Terminal it will mount perfectly. This is the only way I could mount this Player. sudo rmmod ehci_hcd The mac is Unix based so this ( Full Answer )
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Does danni irvine love svs?

well of course she does if she didnt she would not be herself.... thank you for answering this question love danni xxx
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Suzuki sv 650 battery access?

Hi! It's a bit of a fiddle but once you've done it a couple of times you'll be ok. · You'll need two Allen keys and a Phillips screw driver. All should be available in your ( Full Answer )
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How fast does the lamborghini lp670-4 sv go?

the new 2010 lamborghini lp670-4 superveloce or sv is the worlds fastest lamborghini and goes 212 mph and hits 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds it is a 6.5 leater v12 that has 670 h ( Full Answer )
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What is SV in email?

i think it is "svar" which is "reply" in Danish (from since clicking on reply adds "RE" to the subject,,, perhaps "SV" is added when your computer's d ( Full Answer )
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Can you use sv cheats on Left 4 Dead 2?

You can only use sv_cheats on a " Single-player Listen Server" .You can do this by opening the console and typing in "map ( ex c1m1_mall will start you at the Mall on "Dead C ( Full Answer )
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If you were a sniper which one would you choose m21 supressed or the sv-98?

Depends on what sort of operating environment I was in, and what sort of mission it was. If it was an urban setting, supporting active firefights, where multiple targets would ( Full Answer )
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What does SV stand for in baseball?

SV stands for save. If a closer pitches the final inning with his/her team in the lead and does not let the other team win, s/he earns a save.
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What does sv stand for in Latin?

It stands for Sub Verbo, it means "under the heading," or "under the word." If one were citing something from an encyclopedia, they could quote "See Encyclopedia Brittanica 20 ( Full Answer )
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What is SVS in cellphones?

it's a service that allows u to leave sum1 a voice message
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What is SV in project management?

Schedule Variance. It is the value of work done less the value of work that should have been achieved according to the plan, and forms part of Earned Value Management (EVM) pr ( Full Answer )
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Can anyone provide reviews of the PMP Training provided by SV Tech Singapore?

First of all, SV Tech does not provide direct PMP Training. Though their website is all nice and flashy, they dont actually provide the training. They will collect the fee and ( Full Answer )
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What are some titles won by SV Werder Bremen?

SV Werder Bremen is a soccer team based in Germany. They have won the championship 4 times and the DFB Pokal 6 times. The team also won the 1992 European Cup final.
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Where does one purchase a SVS Subwoofer?

These are easily purchased online. Some websites offer shipping maybe for an additional charge. They also may be available in a music store or second hand on an online auction ( Full Answer )
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Where could one find the best deals on the Suzuki sv?

The Suzuki SV650 can be purchased through the Cycle Trader website. There are many Suzuki SV650s for sale on Cycle Trader, and most of them are listed by private sellers. eBay ( Full Answer )