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Which is the best insurance health plan in New York?

Answer \n. \nThe state of New York has great dental coverage for the people whol live in New York. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you (MORE)
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Regarding health insurance what does max. out of pocket mean?

Maximum out of pocket costs is the maximum amount you would have to pay (take out of your pocket) per year. I believe this is total for all incidents. This is an annual cost., (MORE)
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Is there salary plus commission is health insurance sales?

It is possible to find companies that pay salary plus commission. When I first got my license, I worked for two different companies that was strictly commission and it was dif (MORE)
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How can you sale the life insurance product to customers?

Just elaborate your product benifit to your target customer simply so that they can know easily about product and benefits to the customer by which which they become convinced (MORE)
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What is the new law about cobra health insurance?

Under the recently enacted federal stimulus package, known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), certain eligible individuals may be entitled to a 65% (MORE)
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Two insurance schemes A and B are to be sold An agent has the chance of finding customers as 60 percent for A and 40 percent for B Assuming the sale of A and B is independent find the probability.?

P(X|Y) = P(Y intersection X) / P(Y); where P(X|Y) is probability of event X provided event Y had already occurred P(Y) is probability of event Y happening P(Y intersection X) (MORE)
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What florida statute regards reimbursment to health insurance from uninsured motorist claim?

Don't know the statute but it is probably under common sense. If your health insurance paid for medical costs caused by an uninsured motorist for which you have coverage shoul (MORE)
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What percentage of internet sales are from new customers?

the internet owner fake to make people buy there interent and than u have to sign a agreement that probably would say "YOU HAVE TO KEEP INTERNET AT LEAST A YEAR" and thanu sig (MORE)
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What does POS regarding health care insurance mean?

POS stands for "Point of Service." POS health insurance plans are similar in some respects to HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) (MORE)
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What is the telephone number to call to make a complaint regarding health insurance?

It depends upon a number of factors. 1. The identity of the insurer. The policy or the company's website probably has a telephone number for "consumer relations" or by a simi (MORE)
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How does Fortis Health Insurance provide better customer service?

Fortis Health Insurance provides better customer service by giving potential customers information and quotes from multiple carriers from across the nation. This gives custome (MORE)
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How do you apply for chief minister's health insurance scheme?

There is no separate Chief Minister's Health Insurance Scheme in India. There is Employees State Insurance Corporation, under which the employees of both state and private org (MORE)
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How do FSAs work in regards to health insurance?

A flexible spending account is a way of setting aside a portion of earning into a dedicated saving account. The most common type of FSA is a medical expense account. Used with (MORE)
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When does the new health insurance law take effect?

The new health insurance law will take effect on January 1, 2014. The Affordable Care Act is already beginning to implement the changes that will effect our healthcare system (MORE)
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How can one company buy sales leads for health insurance?

There are several companies that harvest information from reward cards, health surveys and pharmacies and collate them to sell as possible leads for health insurance. Compani (MORE)