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What is the population of Sao Paulo?

Estimates put the population of Sao Paulo at 11,037,593 . The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics [Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica] is responsible ( Full Answer )
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What is Sao Paulo's population?

The population of Sao Paulo is 11,037,593 . The Sao Paulo metropolitan area has a population of 19,889,559 .The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics [Instituto Br ( Full Answer )
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Where is Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is in the southeastern part of Brazil and is Brazils largest city. The city is south of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo is home to a large segment of Brazil's i ( Full Answer )
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Where is Sao Tome and Principe?

Sao Tome and Principe is an African nation located off the coast ofWest Africa. (The western equatorial coast of Central Africa.)
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What are the places to see in Sao Paulo?

The city of Sao Paulo is one of the most touristic places ofBrazil, there are several attractions there for people to visit.Among the most famous: The Museu de Arte de Sà( Full Answer )
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What is the longitude of Sao Paulo Brazil?

The longitude of Sao Paulo, Brazil is 46 degrees 38 minutes West longitude . Its latitude is 23 degrees 33 minutes South. Sao Paulo is located in southeast Brazil. It's the l ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce Sao Paulo?

As of 2008, the most populous city in Brazil, the name is Portugese for "Saint Paul" and is pronounced "SOW PAH-oo-low" or "SOW PAH-low".. (The native pronunciation includes ( Full Answer )
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What is the main climate of Sao Paulo?

The main climate of São Paulo is subtropical or temperate climate. The summer is usually warm with temperatures about 28°C (82 F) to 30°C (86 F). The winter is severa ( Full Answer )
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What is the absolute location of Sao Paulo?

The absolute location of Sao Paulo is located at 23 degrees southand 46 degrees west. It has the largest population, industrialpark, and economic production of any other regio ( Full Answer )
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Sao paulo culture charteristics?

São Paulo has a lot of good night clubs, restaurants, pubs, dance party. It's the best city of South America for night attractions.
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How big is the state of sao paulo?

The state of São Paulo isn't to big, but the city of São Paulo is the 4th biggest city in the world! There lives almost 12 million people!
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Why is sao paulo so populated?

i don`t know anything about soa paulo all i know is that i don`tknow anythin about sao paulo...
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O que sao bias?

Eu consegui o resultado completo, porém em Inglês. Se consegue compreender, refaça a pergunta, assim : What is bias ? ( Ou então acesse o link logo abaixo para ler ( Full Answer )
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What time is it now in sao paolo?

In São Paulo, 20h08min now (real time); so in London (GMT), 00h08min ("official" Summer time - in FACTm 23h08 min). - OK?
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What is the unemployment rate of Sao Paulo?

The current unemployment rate was 14.6 percent, against 16.9 percent in October, 2005. Unemployment has been in a falling trend since June this year. In September, the PED rel ( Full Answer )
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What is the capital city of sao paulo?

Its São Paulo. The capital (and largest city) has the same name of the state. Same thing happens with the Rio de Janeiro state, where the capital and largest city also h ( Full Answer )
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Where to go in sao paulo Brazil?

Get appoint Between 20 - 30 years old Italia Tower HAng out in Vila Madalena neigborhoods Olimpia neigborhoods Itaim Bibi neigborhoods JArdins neigborhoods Foods cort ( Full Answer )
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How has industry affected sao paulo?

The state of São Paulo is characterized historically by a large concentration of industrial Despite the devolution experienced mainly from the 90s, in a process that is s ( Full Answer )
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Does sao paulo have a capital city?

The capital of the state of São Paulo is the city of São Paulo! Easy to remember!
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Where is the relative location of sao paulo?

The relative location of Sao Paulo is in southeast Brazil. It islocated about 42* N, and 2*W. It is close to Rio de Janero, thesecond largest city in Brazil.
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Who was on the ship The Sao Gabriel?

Vasco da Gama , Portuguese Vascoda Gama, 1er conde da Vidigueira (born c. 1460, Sines,Port.-died Dec. 24, 1524, Cochin, India), Portuguese navigatorwhose voyages to India ( Full Answer )
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What were sao Tiago and elmina?

Sao tiago and Elmina a trading points built in Ghana. Sao jorge castle was built in 1492 with the help of christopher Columbus. Sao tiago was built on a hill as a church in th ( Full Answer )
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What attracts people to sao paulo?

It exerts strong regional influence in commerce, finance, arts andentertainment and a strong international influence.. The second largest stock exchange in the World, in mark ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered Sao?

Sao is a prograde irregular satellite of Neptune. It was discovered by Matthew J. Holman on August 14, 2002.
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Does sao paulo have carnivals?

Yes. Pretty much all cities and towns in Brazil celebrate Carnaval. Rio is just the most famous.
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What region is Sao Paulo in?

São Paulo is one of the Brazilian states located on the southeast region. The other states that form the southeast region are Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito S ( Full Answer )
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How do you use SAO utlis?

You download it and run it. when it starts, you'll see the iconic"Link Start!" as uttered by Kirito in the series, and then to dothe pull-down menu, you hold down both mouse b ( Full Answer )
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Are there beaches located in Sao paolo?

No. If there are, they are not very known. The best beaches inBrazil are usually in Copacobana and Rio.
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Is sao paulo a capital?

Sao Paulo is a state in Brazil. SaoPaulo is the capital of Sao Paulo, Brazil.