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Who is Satan?

Satan names: Satan, Lucifer, Father of Lies, deceiver, devil, the wicked one, abaddon, adversary, angel of light, thief, tempter, star, ruler of this world, Satan accordin ( Full Answer )
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What is Satan?

In the Bible's original language, the word for "adversary" is Satan (from which we get our "Satan") and that is just what it means. In short, "Satan" means any adversary in ( Full Answer )
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What is satanism?

Satanism refers to several concepts, some of which are entirely mythical and others which are actual religious traditions in practice today. By referring to Satanism or a ( Full Answer )
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Is witchcraft satanic?

Modern witches would give that a resounding "NO," arguing that Satan is a Judeo-Christian concept in which they simply don't believe. One might argue, however, that IF Sata ( Full Answer )
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Where is Satan now?

behind you (this scares me.) Answer: Until we see the Beast emerge among the nations as a world leader, we don't know. "...and the Dragon (Satan) gave him his power, ( Full Answer )
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Is disturbed satanic?

No disturbed is not a satanic band. It just so happen their music sound s pretty dark but if you listen to the lyrics closely you can tell that their music isn't satanic and s ( Full Answer )
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Does Satan exsist?

yes he does he was an angel but now a fallin angel wich in now a the bible get one.
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Is satanism good?

That is for you to decide for yourself, There are two arguments, See the reasonableness of both sides. satanism does not lead to happiness, beyond the pursuit of knowledge. Ha ( Full Answer )
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Is Satan good?

Assuming he/she it exists, no. Satan is defined as the prince of darkness and evil. he's the first demon he is a fallen angel for his 'rude behavior' he's body scattered hi ( Full Answer )
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Where did Satan get the keys?

Satan was originaly called Lucifer. Lucifer was one of God's first creations, he was an archangel. God gave him the keys, but Lucifer sinned and was removed from his position ( Full Answer )
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Is Satan a god?

Satan is called the god of this world in the bible. 2 Corinthians 4:4 (King James Version) . 4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe ( Full Answer )
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Is Enigma Satanic?

Any question like "Is so-and-so a Satanist (or Christian/Socialist/etc)?" depends on your definition of the labeling word. Often "Satanist" is used as a "smear word" to attack ( Full Answer )
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Where is Satanism practiced?

Satanism is practiced in most Western countries, though verifiable numbers are -- not surprisingly -- hard to obtain, because many Satanists suffer from persecution for their ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of Satan?

For too long, so many lies and so much misinformation have been spread about Satan. Many of us have seen him, have conversed with him, and have even been astrally touched by h ( Full Answer )
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How do you follow Satan not Satanism?

Just say you have a personal relationship with Satan, but are not a Satanist. It's the same thing as a person saying they have a personal relationship with Jesus, but claim n ( Full Answer )
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Is Selena satanic?

Dude Selena Gomez is anything but satanic just cuz the media posted her up doesnt mean it's true cuz even if she did sing Rock god just listen to her lyrics nthn is wrong ever ( Full Answer )
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How do you sacrifice to Satan?

Sacrificing is largely symbolic today and, usually, is a representation of older rituals. The gory scenes in movies would bear no resemblance to any acts actually carried o ( Full Answer )
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Who is the minion of satan?

Satan does not have minions. He has followers just as the Christian God has followers
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What is the synagoge of Satan?

There is no such thing in Judaism. In fact, in Judaism, the character of Satan is a minor, undefined character that has no powers of evil.
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Is satanism in hiphop?

The term Satanic is used mainly to represent the "opposite" or the "third view" on things, so some Hip-Hop may be Satanic, but probably not by society's definition of somethin ( Full Answer )
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What did Satan do?

The list of what Satan did is too long to write out. And of course then there are many more things he did, which we wouldn't even know about. Only Almighty God would know the ( Full Answer )
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Was Judas Satan?

No, he was a man but Satan entered into him to insure he followed through on his act of betrayal: John 13:26-28New International Version (NIV) 26 Jesus answered, "It i ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Satan to come to you?

Go to church every Sunday, pray to God every day, and MOST importantly convert as many souls as possible to God. That will piss him off so much he'll have to come to you. A ( Full Answer )
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What is the weakness of Satan?

It is pride. Love he knows not, and herein lies his weakness. Pure thought and intent combined with absolute belief in the manifesting power of God shatters even his utmost at ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to be satanic?

Just do the opposite of what Jesus teaches . well you go to the church of satan, read the satanic bible and follow its teachings! it is no different to believing god really ( Full Answer )
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Where is satan buried?

If a person takes the time to read the entire Bible, you wouldlearn that Satan is a real spirit and a powerful one. You wouldnever even think that Satan was even buried. Howev ( Full Answer )
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What are the tenents of satanism?

There are different sects of Satanism. Joy of Satan Ministries is Spiritual Satanism. Satanism is not a "Christian invention." Satanism predates Christianity and all o ( Full Answer )
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Does Satan have a heart?

According to Christianity, Satan is the epitome and embodiment of all evil things, described as "the father of all lies" in the Catholic Church's Catechism. It is his works th ( Full Answer )
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Why does Satan weep?

The Bible doesn't say anything about Satan weeping. There is a book title "Making Satan Weep" by R. Leland Smith.
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Are dolphins satanic?

Dolphins are not satanic, they are aliens that came to earth to warn us of the horrible future
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Is emmure satanic?

1st user answer: i dont know much of them, but mostly scene kids are into it. which means its not satanic or metal just trendy and stupid. 2nd user answer: No, they are just ( Full Answer )
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What color is Satan?

The Bible doesn't tell us. One thing we know for sure, that theBible doesn't tell us that he is red, (like A LOT of people think),he is not with horns, and a tail.
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Who are the members of satanism?

The members list of Church of Satan are not public, so only the people who are public about their Satanism choice are the ones you will know that are Satanist.
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What happened to satanism?

Nothing, it is still continuing and thriving as it has been for the past 40-years.
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Who is Satan to you?

Someone who chose and still chooses to be the enemy of God and humanity. God always wins though.