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Who is sgt pepper?

The name was in an album title & title-song, "Sergeant Pepper'sLonely Hearts Club Band", by The Beatles.
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Sgt John fraser or is it sgt John frazier?

Well, based on the evidence, John Fraser was a caveman in 8763678 A.D. So basically, John Frazier is a mutant alien cyborg from The Terminator... Problem Solved... I h ( Full Answer )
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Sgt Sammy ngatia?

Kenya Born U.S. Army soldier based in Fort Carson, CO. In 2000, at 40 years of age, became the oldest runner to win The Army Ten-Miler.
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Who are the girls from sgt frog?

natsumi hinata- she is very strong and good at sports, she is always callingt he sgt. stupid frog koyuki-chan- A cute little ninja who trys hard to be normal and loves natsum ( Full Answer )
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What is Sgt. frog?

Sgt. Frog, or Keroro Gunso in the original Japanese, is a humorous manga about a brother and a sister who come upon a froglike alien who was hiding inside the brother's bedroo ( Full Answer )
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Is Lt higher than Sgt?

A Seargent (Sgt) is an enlised rank. while a Lieutenant (Lt) is an officer. Any officer is by definition senior to any enlisted rank.
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What songs did not get on the sgt peppers album?

"Only A Northern Song" was written for the album, but left off it; it appeared later in Yellow Submarine . (The Beatles experimented with running two tape machines in sync, f ( Full Answer )
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Who was sgt john h fuller?

A Sargent in the American army among those who landed on D Day. His unit, which didn't have any surviving officers, was one of the units with Bangalore torpedoes used to blow ( Full Answer )
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What significance do the Beatles have with Sgt Peppers?

Music critics said later that Sgt. Pepper marked the change from rock-n-roll (what we now think of as "oldies"), to rock music (the "modern rock era"). The Monkees called it ( Full Answer )
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Why do you want to be a usmc sgt?

it's a higher rank that can be reached within your first 4 years and it really allows you to control alot and to set an example for the younger Marines.
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What is sgt blood test for?

I think you are referring to the SGOT blood test? If you search online for that you'll find plenty of information.
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Is SGT Nichols really a SGT?

Yes to whoever posted this answer. If he is a SGT then he must be a SGT.
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Can you save sgt Sullivan?

Actually I killed the attacker before he stabbed Sullivan but that was a glitch and after i killed the Chinese guy Sullivan died for no reason.
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What is the sgt Johnson code?

The only way that you can get the code is if you pre oder the game and it will come with a sgt Johnson paper which will tell you the code to get him but you have to go online ( Full Answer )
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Is there a Sgt Pepper's movie?

There is, but it had no Beatles involvement. The 1978 Sergeant Pepper movie was meant as a kind of all-star tribute to the Beatles, featuring the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, A ( Full Answer )
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Why is Sgt. Pepper lonely?

paul McCartney misheard somone say salt and pepper and thought they said sgt. pepper and he was like wtf?
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Who is sgt kamrov in cod 4?

Sergeant Kamarov (Russian: Камаров ) was a Russian Loyalist frequently tasked with helping S.A.S. units operating in Russia.
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What does sgt. mean?

I believe sgt. is the abbreviation for Sergeant, often used in the US military or police. And Sergeant can mean the following: 1. A noncommissioned army officer of a rank abo ( Full Answer )
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What is the job of a platoon sgt jrotc?

Platoon Sgt always set the example at all times; assist in the supervision of the squad leaders; develop a spirit of teamwork in the platoon; submit absenteee reports to the c ( Full Answer )
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What does a National Guard supply sgt do?

Orders equipment, turns in old, outdated equipment, logistics, accounting of required items, provides meals for troops, completes reports and other related paperwork.
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What channel is the anime SGT Frog on?

that would be funimation On Demand. Contact Direct tv or who ever you have and ask about FUNimation On Demand
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Who is a sgts superior?

In the UK Police Force a Sergeant is supervised by an Inspector. In the British Army a Staff Sergeant is the next rank up.
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When did sgt Floyd die?

Sergeant Charles Floyd died August 20, 1804. (That is if you're inquiring about the man who was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Clark diagnosis Sgt Floyd's illness as ( Full Answer )
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Who is sgt roebuck?

Sergeant Roebuck was an American squad leader of the United States Marine Corps in Call of Duty: World at War during World War II. He is voiced by Kiefer Sutherland [3 ( Full Answer )
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Who is sgt robuck in Call of Duty?

Sergeant Roebuck was an American squad leader of the United States Marine Corps in Call of Duty: World at War during World War II. He is voiced by Kiefer Sutherland [3] . ( Full Answer )
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What did sgt george meeks do after the war?

I'm not sure but I joined just so I could write how disgusting theprevious answer was. You should be ashamed for such racist commentsabout a gentleman who devoted himself to h ( Full Answer )
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What school is in Sgt Frog?

Kissoh middle school. (Fuyuki is in the sixth and Natsumi the seventh just in case your wondering lol) The school in the book is the same as the anime, so you might want to ( Full Answer )
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Is tank dempsey sgt roebuck?

Not exactly. He looks like him but he is not him. He also kind of has the voice of sgt sullivan.
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How old is giroro from sgt frog?

It never says in either the manga or the anime, and I wouldn't know how to tell, because they are frogs. Sorry I couldn't answer!
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Does Sgt rank below captain?

Yes , a sergeant is of a lower rank ; an NCO is a Non Commissioned Officer whereas a Captain , a Commissioned Officer , belongs to the Officer class , ~ see related link below ( Full Answer )
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Which is more powerful a Lt or a sgt?

It is not a question of power, it is a question of rank. A Lt is acommissioned officer and is of higher rank than a Sgt. who is anon-commissioned officer.