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How much is the new 3g iphone?

$199.99 at at&t when it first came out. I'm not sure if the price got lower or higher or stayed the same
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What is iPhone 3g?

For an official Apple iPhone tutorial, go to:\n. \n
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Is the iPhone 3g?

Yes, all currently sold iPhones can receive internet from AT&T's 3G wireless internet in America and other carriers' 3G internet in other countries.
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How is iPhone 3g?

Original answer by Markbarner Edited by Arianna Lovendino 3G mobile internet is faster. GPS functions are a little bit moreprecise. Sounds are louder. I would buy an iPhone 3 (MORE)
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How much is the new iPhone 3gs?

16GB in black or white — from $199US\n32GB in black or white — from $299US\n(source apple online store)
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Should you buy the nexus one or the iPhone 3gs?

I PHONE 3GS is my answer. Although nexus has higher processor, camera and ram and so does its internet speed but this does not mean that you buy it. i phone 3gs has its own ad (MORE)
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How do you get a Iphon 3g s free?

With your hands. IMPROVEMENT: hehe made me laugh. Umm here's how: you get a life, and quit being a hobo!
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Can you get free 3g on jailbroken iphone 3g?

Sorry but no, cydia and ice are only allowed to modify your idevice to great extincts. But you cannot use it to surge into peoples wireless network. Think of it as painting yo (MORE)
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What is better the iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 has a range of improvements including high resolution screen, gyroscope, improved processor, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera with flash and a front facing camera for vi (MORE)
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Which to buy - iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

the 3gs is much better for it's money iphone 3gs is better, i think. but it is very dear. it seems that you have enough money. if not, you can buy cheap phone instead.
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Which is better the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 4?

The difference you will see between the iphone 3G/3G S and the iPhone 4 is quite noticable. Especially the design. AS for the iphone 3G,there is no recently used apps bar (mul (MORE)