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How often should you bathe your kitten?

Answer: . It is not a good idea to bathe cats, it can actually cause skin problems. Cats are naturally very clean animals, and bathe themselves. Kittens who cannot bathe th (MORE)
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When should kittens be dewormed?

When you go to buy cat dewormer the box says when they should be dewormed. They should be at least six months old.
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What should I do my kitten has diarrhoea?

Try feeding it some cooked plain chicken or white fish until the kitten's stools have firmed up. These are very bland foods that are very gentle on an upset stomach. As diarrh (MORE)
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What should you feed a kitten?

If they have been weaned then any cat food is suitable; some brands of cat food are designed with kittens in mind. I would advise you to avoid the cheaper cat foods as they ar (MORE)
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What should you name your kitten?

It depends on if it is a male or a female.Some male names are,Smokey,Boots,Socks,Diesel,Chester,Tipper,Billy Some female names are,Spice,Cinnamon,Saffron,Mary,Cindy.
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What should you bottle feed your kitten?

You don't bottle feed your kitten at all, if your kitten has a mother, it will naturally drink its mother's milk. Better answer: If you absolutely needed to bottle feed (MORE)
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What should i do my kitten has diarrhea?

It depends on the age. For a really young kitten, it should be normal. Make sure you feed it special kitten formula, and nothing else. You should be weaning it if it is under (MORE)
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What should you do when a mother rejects her kitten?

When a mother rejects her kitten it may be best to separate the felines because the mother may kill the kitten because of the scent of a human is on it. The mother thinks that (MORE)
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Should you give milk to kittens?

It depends.. The age of the kitten is important.. Kittens can get milk.. it just depends on how old they are. 3 months is the right time you can feed them milk if they are (MORE)
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When should you get your kitten vaccinated?

Kittens need two initial vaccinations - one at nine weeks old, and the second one a few weeks after that, usually at twelve weeks old. After these initial injections, they wil (MORE)
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What should you name your female kitten?

Some cute names are Basil,Furball,Ginger,Lucy,Ruby,Meower,Mousey,Socks and if it's a black and white cat : Moo Moo Cows or Oreo :)
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Should kittens go in carriers?

Well, I have a kitten of my own and I have been through this expierience honestly it depends because cats can be different. My cat just got scared and wanted to go out so it d (MORE)
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Should you have a kitten?

If u want u could but if I were u I would get one that dose'nt bite , attack dogs or other cats!
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Should I feed a kitten water?

I wouldn't "feed" it water, but you could give it a little bit of food and put some water in the same bowl to soften it up since it is still a baby!
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Should you let your kitten lick you?

Why ever not? Kittens and cats will lick each other, and themselves; it is only natural that your kitten would lick you, as that is one of the ways he interacted with his mom. (MORE)
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What age should kitten get shots?

he first round of vaccinations should be given at about eight weeks of age, because that's when the immunity a kitten gets from its mothers starts to wear off.