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Who was Ibn Sina?

Ibn Sina commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna (c. 980 C.E. - 1037 C.E.) was a Muslim polymaths and the foremost physician and philosopher of his time. He m ( Full Answer )
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Where did Sina Tamaddon go to school?

Sina Tamaddon, Senior Vice-President of Applications at Apple, is rumored to be a possible replacement for Steve Jobs. In addition to his present position, he has also serv ( Full Answer )
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What does sina quo non mean?

Sine quo non: Without whom, nothing. It means that without a particular person, your life has no meaning. The more normal form is sine qua non "without which, none", imp ( Full Answer )
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What did Ibn Sina discover?

ibn Sina was born in AH 370/AD 980 near Bukhara in Central Asia, where his father governed a village in one of the royal estates. At thirteen, Ibn Sina began a study of medici ( Full Answer )
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Ibn Sina famous book was?

Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, is most famous as a Muslimphilosopher. However, he did right several books of which two ofthe best know are "The Canon of Medicine" and "The ( Full Answer )
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Is sin3A plus sinA equal to 0?

No, for example if A = Pi/3. Then sin3A = sin pi = 0, but sinA = sin Pi/3 = 1/2. So for A = Pi/3, the sum is 1/2, not zero.. It can't be proved because the statement is false ( Full Answer )
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What nationality was ibn-sina?

His father was from Balkh which is a state in afghanistan, his mother was from ofcourse he is AFGHAN....
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What book was ibn sina famous for writing?

Ibn Sina was a Persian thinker during the 9th century. Though hewas knowledgeable on numerous subjects, he is most famous for hisworks on medicine. Specifically, he wrote "The ( Full Answer )
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How did Ibn Sina contribute to geography?

Ibn Sina (Son of Sina, or Avicenna as he's known in the West) has contributed to geography in many ways, see the link below.) The above answer is only partially correct. Ib ( Full Answer )
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When did Ibn Sina live?

Ibn Sina lived from 980-1037 C.E. in what is now the nations of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran.
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If SinA equals minusxdividedy then cosA equals?

sin A = -x/y Since the sine is the ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse, let's assume the opposite leg's length is -x and the hypotenuse's length is y. Let's call the ( Full Answer )
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Sino sina maganda at malakas?

sila ay ang mga sinaunang tao sa mundo na ginawa ng diyos at sila din ay ginawa para magalaga ng halaman hayop at iba pa.
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Kailan ginagamit ang sila at sina?

Kapag ang ibig na iparating ng pangungusap ay naglalarawan para sa tao. O madaming tao. Hal. . Sina Kyra at Pamela ay magkaklase ngayong taon.
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What book did ibn sina write?

Ibn's famous book is called The Book of Healing . Ibn alsowrote 40 books about medicine and 150 books about philosophy.
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What does sina neno mean in Swahili?

Literally, I do not have a word, best translated as "I have nothing to say." May also mean "I don't care."
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What does sina neno means in Swahili?

It means literally "I have no word," more colloquially translated as "I have nothing to say." It would commonly be used in response to a question whether something might be OK ( Full Answer )
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What are the invention of ibn sina?

Ibn Sina was a Muslin scientist who lived in the tenth century. Hemade important contributions in multiple fields including medicine,physics, and chemistry. He is the inventor ( Full Answer )
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Who was ibn sina and ibn battuta?

ibn sina was the first muslim scholar and ibn battuta was his assistant through the time of the ottoman turks
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What is CosA-SinA?

Sin^2 - Cos^2 = 1 {By the Identity} Therefore (SinA-CosA)(SinA+CosA) = 1 SinA-CosA = 1/(SinA+CosA) Therefore CosA-SinA = -1/(SinA+CosA)
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What did Ibn Sina accomplish?

Ibn Sina was the scientist in the tenth century. Ibn Sina made big contributions in many areas like medicine, psychology, and pharmacology to geology.
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Who is sina abbott?

Sina Abbott is a heavy set Black man who looks very similar to Arthur the Ardvark
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What type of business is the Sina Corporation involved in?

The Sina Corporation is a Chinese online media company for Chinese communities around the world. This company is similar to Facebook, but it is used by the Chinese people.
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How do you delete my sina weibo account?

One way that you can delete your SINA Weibo account is to postoffensive information. Your account will be deactivated for writingoffensive information.
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How does Ibn-Sina relate to Muslim religion?

Ibn-i-Sina was a great Muslim scholar. In this way he is related toIslam. However, while Avicenna (Ibn Sina) was a great scholar who wasMuslim and did do some work in Islamic ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sina Amedson been in?

Sina Amedson has: Played Track Champion in "Promised Land" in 1996. Played Peruvian Porter in "The Climb" in 2002. Played Migrant Worker in "The Maldonado Miracle" in 2003. Pl ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sina Bianca Hentschel been in?

Sina Bianca Hentschel has: Played Julia Bruhns in "SOKO 5113" in 1978. Played Steffi Fischer in "Forsthaus Falkenau" in 1989. Performed in "Forsthaus Falkenau" in 1989. Played ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sina Kujansuu been in?

Sina Kujansuu has: Performed in "Henteri ja Viliina" in 1974. Played Policewoman in "Mies, joka ei osannut sanoa EI" in 1975. Played Mysterious woman in "Loma" in 1976. Perfor ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sina Richardt been in?

Sina Richardt has: Played Lulu in "Hauptsache Leben" in 1998. Played herself in "Die Johannes B. Kerner Show" in 1998. Performed in "Eine kleine Geschichte" in 2001. Performed ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sina Tkotsch been in?

Sina Tkotsch has: Played Susi Karsten in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Diana Vermontsley in "Rosamunde Pilcher" in 1993. Played Nele Imhof in "Der letzte Zeuge" in 1998. Played Jen ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bu-Ali Sina - 1987?

The cast of Bu-Ali Sina - 1987 includes: Mohammad Abhari Rozita Ameri Enayat Bakhshi Abdollah Esfandiari Nasrin Ghassemzadeh Abbas Hatami Shahrzad Kamali Farhad Khanmohammadi ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Sina Pekcelen written?

Sina Pekcelen has written: 'Verification of model of molten glass flow in a forehearth' -- subject(s): Chemistry
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What has the author Sina Odugbemi written?

Sina Odugbemi has written: 'Accountability through public opinion' -- subject(s): Management, Public opinion, Government accountability, Performance, Public services, Organi ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Robert Sina written?

Robert Sina has written: 'Descartes' message to posterity' -- subject(s): Contributions to mathematics, Geometry, Pythagorean proposition 'Mathematical research paper' -- ( Full Answer )