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How does a hot air balloon work?

Hot air balloons get their buoyancy from hot air created by apropane burner at the base of the balloon. Hot air is less densethan cold air and so weighs less. When the cold ai (MORE)
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Why do hot air balloons float?

Going up! Hot air is actually less dense than cold air. So, in turn the hot air rises causing the balloon to float up. Because hot air has a lower density than cold air, caus (MORE)
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How do hot air balloons fly?

In a hot air balloon, a gas burner is used to heat air to atemperature of about 212°F (100°C). Since hot air is lighter andless dense than the cool air around the balloo (MORE)
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What is added to balloons and hot air balloons?

Balloons can be filled with air (don't float), or with hydrogen or helium (float because the gas is less dense). Hot air balloons use burners to heat the air so that it becom (MORE)
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Why does a hot air balloons float?

Because hot air rises - therefore the hot air trapped inside of the balloon, that is kept heated hs no where to go - but up.
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Why are hot air balloons important?

They are important, because it is one of the very first things, before airplanes that can allow you to fly in the sky! It also was the oldest successful human-carrying flight (MORE)
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Are hot air balloons safe?

Hot air balloons are generally safe since there is no engine to cut out or die or that sort of thing. However, the danger of a hot air balloon is that there is no steering. Th (MORE)
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How hot is the air in a hot air balloon?

The internal temperature will depend on various factors such as the load on the balloon, it's size, and the ambient air temperature. The loading of the balloon will generally (MORE)
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What do you do if you have a hole in your hot air balloon?

If you had a hole in your hot air balloon you would not be able to fly it. it just would not float. It wouldn't float because when people are ready to fly it they power up the (MORE)
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How does hot air balloon land?

Well there is this handle that eases the air flow, which releases helium, which when combined with oxygen turns into natural gas and ignites. So you can ease the handle and th (MORE)
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When was the hot air balloon built?

The Hot Air Balloon was first created in 1782 by the Montgolfier brothers and then first piloted in late 1783 it was the first successful flying invention of its kind.
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What does density have to do with hot air balloons?

The burners on a hot air balloon create hot air, which rises into the balloon and displaces the cooler air from the balloon. Then the hot air, being less dense, will lift the (MORE)
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How is a hot air balloon useful?

They are actually not very useful at all but they do provide a whole lot of fun for people flying for pleasure and sometimes in competitions. Some 30 years ago 2 families esca (MORE)
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Why do hot air balloons work?

Hot Air Balloons work because of the hot air.The hot air rising stays in the balloon and carries it upward.
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What do they fill hot air balloons with?

Air heated with a flame, hot air is lighter than cold air and therefore rises above it like something light floating on water
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How do they land a hot air balloon?

You just wait a bit, the hot air cools, and you go down. If you are going down too fast you put the burner on for a few seconds to reheat the air and check the descent. If (MORE)
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What is used in a hot air balloon?

Hydrogen is used. Sorry. Just regular air is used in a hot air balloon, it is heated which makes it lighter and less dense and therefore provide lift. Hence the name hot ai (MORE)
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What is a deflated hot air balloon?

At the end of a hot air balloon flight the heated air inside is allowed to escape through a panel that is opened either in the top or side of the balloon envelope. The crew th (MORE)
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Why did they call it the hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon is called an hot air balloon because, the inside is heated up to make it less dense, allowing it to rise. Meaning, your heating up the air inside the balloon (MORE)
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How does a hot air balloon stop?

There is a handle that you pull to close the vent that blows hot air into the balloon.
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How are hot air balloons work?

people put helium in the balloon because heileum burns easily so thats what the fire is for and thats how the balloons fly! Jacob rocks
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What gas do hot air balloons have?

The balloon contains air and the products of combustion of propane, namely carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air, and steam, which is much lighter than air. .
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What is the air of hot air balloon?

It is the same as the air we breath, the only difference is that it has been heated, hot air rises above cold air and thats what lifts the baloon.
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What powers hot air balloon?

Hot air balloons are powered by the flame from a propane burnerthat heats up the air inside the balloon, which lowers the densityof the air inside by heating it up and accelle (MORE)
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What are the uses of hot air balloons?

They can be used for scientific research or just for pleasurerides. Some, called thermal airships, can be steered, but most arejust used as recreational rides or for advertise (MORE)
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Where is hot air balloon invented?

on the 19th September 1783 Pilatre De Rozier, a scientist, launched the first hot air balloon called "Aerostat Reveillon". The ballon stayed in the air for grand total of 15 m (MORE)
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Is a hot air balloon gas?

No. A hot air balloon is a solid object. That is, the basket, the ropes, the burner and the envelope itself are not gasses. The air within the envelope is a gas, of course; he (MORE)
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Why and how does a hot air balloon fly?

Air expands when it is heated. This makes it less dense than colder air. Hence, it has buoyancy, and tends to rise. If it is trapped in a balloon, it can take the balloon up w (MORE)
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Why does a hot air balloon burst?

I've never heard of a hot air balloon bursting. You can have a seam open up if the thread rots, or is cut, but that would be rare. The bottom is open, so you can't over pressu (MORE)