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What is 'special accounting'?

Special accounting is a term used to describe accounts that requirea collection or severance process. This could be retro bills,disputed bills, postponed bills, or master mete (MORE)
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What is specialization?

Specialization is when you focus on a particular branch of whateverjob you have and be the best at it. japan specialization in tool So if you are a doctor you may be specializ (MORE)
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What do chiropractors specialize in?

Chiropractors specialize in treating patients without drugs or surgery through the chiropractic adjustment and adjunctive modalities. Jennie Yates, Chiropractor CoreHealth of (MORE)
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How do you do mugen specials?

Most of the time the instructions are in the 'read me' for that character, mainly because specials instructions change with each character.
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What is your specialization?

My specialty is a domestic engineer ( house wife). I know that sounds lame, but it entails various different skills. One day I have to be the bookkeeper, the next day the chau (MORE)
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What does Spain specialize in?

in lots of stuff... wine, is most found in Spain and clothes and materials but don't take this seriously as an answer for a project... I'm not that sure
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What does Chile specialize in?

Chile, due its geographic extension,we can find four very different areas: Northern Chile: World's produce of Fish Meal (World's #2) and Copper (World's #1). Centra (MORE)
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What can you specialize in?

You can specialise in anything you wish. Some subjects are more useful and sought after than others. For example there is not a huge demand for experts in repairing the side (MORE)
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What rhymes with specials?

with -ecials, there is nothing I know of, but for -als, the rhyming dictionary comes up with: . abdominals aboriginals abuttals academicals accidentals accruals (MORE)
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What do lawyers specialize in?

There are many areas of specialization for lawyers, each one quite different from the rest. Some are experienced in criminal law, others in corporate law, and still others in (MORE)
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Is specially an adjective?

The word specially, and the related word "especially" are bothadverbs. The adjective form is simply "special."
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What does China specialize in?

electronic devices and baciclly any thing you buy like if you look on the bottom of some thing usually it will have made in _________ .
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What did the Aztec specialize in?

The AZTECS, were never known with that name, it is better if you call them ancient Mexicans, they were very good at almost everything, they were very good builders, they built (MORE)
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What does a midwife specialize in?

Midwives attend healthy, low-risk births. They are trained to recognize potential medical complications in pregnancy and refer those women to obstetricians, who specialize in (MORE)
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What do you plan to specialize in?

that's great question, i've the idea to specialize in Telecommunication Field , so that with this chance, i need to improve more my capacity here.
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What is a specialization?

Specialization is a specific type of field one wants to get into aspart of his or her major in university. If it is job-related, it isa specific area of a job.