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Stu-pid riding DVD?

I can't find a place to purchase it, but here are a couple torrents: (MORE)
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Ive been hearing about these zombie attacks in Russia and other places like los angele is this stuff real cuas im getting really scared can i get some answer from like police or some one that no's stu?

yes the zombie virus is actually a real virus but there is a vaccine that can stop it but only before they come out of the comma google zombie virus and the first link can giv (MORE)
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Okayim 15 turning 16 and your parents just made you move across county because of the relationship im in its not a bed relationship its just that your mother thinks hes not good enough for you and stu?

hah, my mom didn't like my bf either....but that's just her. It's been almost a year and I still don't know how to figure out my own problem. I know how you feel (MORE)