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How long did the Stuarts reign for?

The House of Stuart The first Monarch of England from the House of Stuart was King James I, who reigned from 25th March 1603. He was succeeded by his son, King Charles (MORE)
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What did the stuarts eat?

Poor stuarts ate bread cheese fish and meat if they could affordit.
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What did the stuarts wear?

The lady stuarts wore a fashnable gown with a high or low neckline
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Who was after the stuarts?

Ashanti Stuart is a wonderful young girl who is a nice pretty and intelligent person. She dreams of becoming a professional pianist. She wants to take up mass communication in (MORE)
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How did the Stuarts come to power?

The Stuarts came into power because Elizabeth Did not have an heir so she gave the crown to James the 6th of Scotland and the Scots came down to create a new era.
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Who came after the tudors and the Stuarts?

after the rule of the House of Stuart came to an end in 1714 the crown of Great Britain passed to their German Cousins the House of Hanover.
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Who are the stuarts in England?

The Stuarts, original Scottish spelling 'Stewart', were the hereditary 'stewards' of Scotland, hence their name. They eventually gained the Scottish crown in the late 14th cen (MORE)
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How did Tudors and Stuarts come into power?

The Tudors came into power first, because they won the Battle of the Roses. The Stuarts came into power when Queen Elizabeth died without a heir.