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What is tin?

Tin is a chemical element. It is often obtained from a mineral called cassiterite (SnO 2 ) and is extracted via cooking it in a furnace with carbon. It is often used as a prot ( Full Answer )
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What is a TIN?

A Taxpayer Identification Number, or TIN, is an identification number used by the IRS for the administration of tax laws. Some types of TINs are as follows: * Social Securit ( Full Answer )
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Why does a 'tin' can have tin and steel in it?

It's cheaper to make cans with a main steel body and coat them with tin. Strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of tin.
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Are tin whistles made with tin?

Well tin whistle today are now made with nickel,brass,silver,or wood. It's not made with tin. The tin whistle is named so because before it was made with tin-plated steel.
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What is the solubility of tin?

The solubility of tin is dependent on its solvent. However, tin forthe most part is insoluble. Minerals that contain tin are oftensoluble in water. Tin by itself is not solubl ( Full Answer )
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What is tin made of?

Tin is a chemical element with the symbol Sn and atomic number 50. Tin is obtained chiefly from the mineral cassiterite, where it occurs as an oxide.
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Is a penny tin?

From 1793 to 1837 a penny was made out of pure copper. Now it is 95percent copper and 5 percent tin and zinc.
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Is tin a metal?

Yes, tin is a metal. It's actually part of the group we call the poor metals. A link can be found below.
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Does tin oxidize?

No it doesn't at all. It is used to coat other metals. It was used in cans because it didn't rust and because it is non-toxic
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Who is the real tin tin?

The real Tin Tin is commonly known as James Cartwright. He lives in Chester and attends West Cheshire College. His wingman is known as Snowy (aka Matthew Wightman), however he ( Full Answer )
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What are the Proporties of tin?

The properties of tin are the features that define it. Some ofthese properties include being pliable, soft, silvery color and somany others.
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What is tinning?

Tinning is the process of putting tin onto other metal. It's done by melting the tin and bringing it into contact with whatever you want to tin, where it wets the surface then ( Full Answer )
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Why is tin named tin?

If you mean How did tin get it's name, then the answer comes from the Latin word stannum, a name for the element tin. (Tin's chemical symbol is Sn, coming from the word stannu ( Full Answer )
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Is tin the same as tin foil?

No Tin is an element. Tin foil is a misnomer and British expression. Cooking foil is almost always pure aluminium.
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Where did tin tin come from?

Tintin was created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé. His nationality is never explicitly stated, however the comics show him living in Brussels.
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Who created tin tin?

Herge (Georges Prosper Remi) the late (22 May 1907 -- 3 March 1983) Belgian artist created the cartoon character "Tin Tin" .
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Who is the creator of Tin Tin?

the writer was Herge. but if you are meaning creator in the sense of the artist that was Herge with Bob de Moor and Edgar P. Jacobs
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What are the disadvantage of tin?

its not too strong... its a weak metal... its melting point is also quite low...
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What is a criscoed tin?

A baking pan that has been greased. Crisco shortening and a tin is I believe an English term for a baking pan.
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What is tinning the iron?

Tinning the Soldering iron is when the hot iron is coated with solder to aid in soldering and heat transfer
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Why is tin in solder?

Because it melts at a realtively low temperature, it doesn't corrode, and it has excellent conduction qualities.
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How is tinned food put in the tin?

It is a mechanical process. The sides of the tin are pressed into the bottom of the tin before it is filled, and then put on a conveyor belt. Huge vats with the food is suspen ( Full Answer )
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When was Rin Tin Tin born?

If Rin-Tin-Tin was found on the battlefield, as one story goes, it would have been September 15, 1918. See Susan Orlean's Rin-Tin-Tin: The Life and the Legend. Another very ( Full Answer )
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How do you separate tin from tin ore?

To separate Tin from Tin Ore you have to heat it to combine the compounds together. Also if you combine Tin Ore with copper it makes a bronze bar. :)
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What is alloy of tin?

An alloy is two or metals combined- When copper and tin are combined, you get bronze. Tin can be combined with lead to form solder, or with copper and antimony to form pewter. ( Full Answer )
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What was rin tin tin tin?

The first Rin-Tin-Tin was a German shepherd brought back to the United States from France after World War I by a serviceman named Lee Duncan. Duncan trained him as a police an ( Full Answer )
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Did rin tin tin discover tin?

~sigh~. No, Rin Tin Tin did NOT discover tin. Rin Tin Tin was a dog.
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Where to get zekrom tins?

at target and at manny more places mabey walmart or maby even Walgreen's u can get reshiram at target which has 130h.p 120 attack how i know this? i have a reshiram tin and sa ( Full Answer )
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Where is Rin Tin Tin buried?

The first Rin Tin Tin was buried under a black onyx tombstone inscribed with these words: The Greatest Cinema Star. He rests in peace in Cimetiere du Chiens in Paris France.
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How old is Rin Tin Tin?

Rin Tin Tin was born on September 10, 1918 and died on August 10, 1932. Rin Tin Tin would have been 13 years old at the time of death or 96 years old today.
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Who is tin tin in the movie?

I'm assuming you mean, who voices the character in 'Secret of the Unicorn'? In which case it is Jamie Bell. And Andy Serkis voices Captain Haddock.
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Is tin tin a good movie?

It is your own opinion I think it is a boring movie tho u will have to find out
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What does tin number do?

TIN stands for Taxpayer's identification Number. It is d number which is a proof of registration under Sales Tax Act. This number identifies dealer and it helps in paying sale ( Full Answer )
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Can tin tarnish?

Tin is fairly resistant to tarnishing, rusting, oxidation, corrosion, whatever you want to call it. Tin (Sn, atomic #50) forms a thin layer of either stannous (SnO) or stannic ( Full Answer )
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Who are Tin tins sidekicks?

Rin Tin Tin I presume you mean. He technically had no sidekicks, he simply worked to save others.