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Who is Tina Barney?

Answer . \nTina Barney (b. 1945, New York City) is a US photographer best known for her large-scale portraits of the well-to-do denizens of the northeast. Her work is in t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Tina turners second husband?

His name is Erwin Bach, hes a German born record executive for EMI. He's about 16 3/4 years younger than Tina, They Married in Summer 2013 in Zurich
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Who is Tina turner?

Tina turner is the queen of pop. she also have gotten beatten by her used to be husband Ike turner. if you want to learn more about her watch the movie," whats love got to do ( Full Answer )
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Where is Tina Turner from?

Answer . Tina turner was from Nutbush Tennesse now she's in Europe with her new man Erwin Bach, they make a great couple.
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Who is Tina Small?

Tina Small, also known as Titanic Tina, was the British model with the 84 inch bust. She was a phenomenon of the 1980's and left the business way too soon. She is fondly remem ( Full Answer )
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Who is Tina Fey?

Tina Fey is a comedian from NBC's Saturday Night Live . She portrays vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the show.. She wrote the teen comedy Mean Girls , which is a ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find pictures of Tina Fey?

You can find pictures of Tina Fey by browsing the sites listed in the "Related Links" section of this answer.
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Does Tina Turner have grandchildren?

Yes, Tina does have grandchildren. If you watch this from youtube. Oprah says "And Grandmother..." Also Those LEGS! Oh My Gosh those ( Full Answer )
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Does Tina turner have granchildren?

ANSWER . Yes she does, but i'm not sure how many, I asked this on youtube to the tina fans and one of them said yes and they have myspace... Tina's grand daughter's myspace ( Full Answer )
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Where did Tina turner go to school?

She went to Flag Grove School - elementary . Then she went to Sumner High School . And she never went to college . She joined the Tina and Ike Turner Revue When she was ( Full Answer )
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How did Tina Fey get her scar?

It was reported by Barbara Walters that when Tina was just 5 years old playing in her front yard, an unknown assailant slashed the left side of her face. Tina said she doesn't ( Full Answer )
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Was Tina Turner an influence to anyone?

ANSWER . she's and influence to me so i guess yes she is an influence, anyways she's an influence to many people. Even my teacher's were influenced by Tina Turner.
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Where is Tina turner?

Tina Turner is retired and has been living in Switzerland since1995.Tina became a Swiss citizen and also married her longtimeboyfriend in 2013.
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Where is Tina Turner's Sister?

She has two sisters. Tina is the youngest. Her sister Alline Bullock is 3 years older and is still alive and lives in St. Louis, MO. Tina and Alline's half sister Evelyn Curri ( Full Answer )
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How much is Tina worth?

Well if were talking about tina fey since she did that movie with steve carell her price has gone down but i would say about 3.5 mil
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Who is Tina kerkula?

Tina Kerkula is an African from Liberia. she came to the united state when she was 17 years old.
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Who is Katie and Tina?

Katie ( Kate Rees Davies ) is a celebrity initerviewer along with Tina ( Tina Grey ) also a celebrity interviewer on the tv show RED CARPET DRIVE . Kate Rees Davies also an a ( Full Answer )
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Who did Tina Turner MARRY?

Tina Turner married Ike Turner in 1962 and she stayed with him until 1978 when they divorced. They had one child.
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Why didn't Tina turner have an education?

Tina turner was born in the segregated south to a sharecropping family. at that time, blacks didnt receive the same education as whites. another setback for Tina turner was th ( Full Answer )
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How old are Tina Campbell's kids?

tina's oldest daughter Laiah who is 8 and tina's other daughter Meela who is 4 and tina's youngest son Tj is 2
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Did Tina Turner have any struggles?

yes she did. she had to struggle with a relationship with ike turner(her former husband).
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Did Tina fey go to college?

Yes, she attended the University of Virginia, where she majored in Drama and graduated in 1992
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Why is Tina fat?

because she's a fat meg clearly because she eats alot of muffins and cakes and tings like that she is also a llama and she is fat lard
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What is Tina Turner known for?

Tina was known as the Queen of rock and roll and she was known for her great legs. Tina Turner barely wore any clothes.
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What was Tina turner childhood like?

Tina Turner had an lonely difficult childhood. Her parents were always fighting each other. By the age of 16 her father left her to go marry another woman.
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Why did Tina Turner become a Buddhist?

Born: 26 November 1939 . Birthplace: Nutbush, Tennessee . Best Known As: Singer of "What's Love Got to Do With It" Tina Turner was only 18 when she began singing with f ( Full Answer )
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What happened to Tina Marie?

Sadly, her daughter found her unresponsive on the afternoon of December 26, 2010. On December 30, 2010, the Los Angeles County coroner performed an autopsy and found no signs ( Full Answer )
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Is Tina Fey left handed?

On an episode of 30 rock she makes a list to help her decide on dumping her boyfriend. She was writing it left handed so if Tina Fey isn't, Liz Lemon is.
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What does Tina sing in glee?

Tina sings lots of songs but her most well known song so far I would say it would be True Colors.
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How man kids did Tina turner have?

Tina Turner had four children. Her first child was with Raymond Hill, a saxonphonist in Ike Turners band. His name is Craig Turner (Ike Turner later adopted him). Her second c ( Full Answer )
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Is Tina fey a serious actor?

No, she's a comedy actor, and never plays a serious part. She is funny though!
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Who is name is Tina?

Tina is a very common female name that originates from Old English and the meaning is river. Some of the famous people that have the name Tina are Tina Turner, Tina Fey, and T ( Full Answer )
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What does tina means?

It implies diminutive, like Concertina, which is a small accordion, ( little concert) Tina may be a shortened form of Cristina ( the H is used sparingly in Italian) but also t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Tina Bruce?

Tina Bruce is an honorary professor that teaches at RoehamptonUniversity in England. She is also works a consultant for EarlyYear Education.