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What are TNCs?

\nTNCs are TransNationalCorporations and include things such as McDonalds, Nike and Adidas. They are companies or corporations that have franchises all over the world
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of POOR COUNTRYS TO TNC?

what are the advantages of TNCthere are many advantages and disadvantages to the LEDC (Less Econimically Developed Country.) For example, the credit crunch has hit many of the ( Full Answer )
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What is the example of Transnational Corporation TNC?

TNC is a company that sells its products internationally and globally. It normally makes its products in LEDCs whereas its branches are in MEDCs. Examples of TNCs are: Nestle, ( Full Answer )
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Difference between mnc and tnc?

Multinationalcompanies are not a recent phenomenon, but it is a fact that todaybecause of modern and fast and efficient means of communicationsand transportation, companies an ( Full Answer )
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What makes McDonald's a TNC?

McDonalds is a TNC because it is the most well known company for making little kids fat and then cook them and then eat them That is the reason mcdonalds is a TNC
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Why is Nestle a TNC?

Because it's a company with headquarters in one place, and manufacturers in other places all over the world. This means they can use cheaper workers and sell for high prices.
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What advantages do tncs bring to ledcs and medcs?

provide money for industrial projects,helps develop mineral output,improve energy production,improves roads trains,provides new technology,develops trad links with other count ( Full Answer )
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What makes Nike TNC?

nike is a tnc because it makes its products in other countries. the company itself is baes in Oregon in the states. � Nike operates in over 120 countries but is based ( Full Answer )
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What is a tnc connector?

Type of connector in which one side does the transmit and the other BNC does the receive. . The TNC (threaded Neill-Concelman) connect ( Full Answer )
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Why do Tncs locate in Ledcs?

Cos it's cheaper to make and also the wages are lower, so the profit they Tncs get are higher. people have to work more, but still get paid less, you either do the work you ge ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between FDI and a TNC?

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) refers to an investment abroad, usually where the company being invested in is controlled by the foreign corporation. For example, an American ( Full Answer )
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Why is Nike a tnc?

Nike is a worldwide brand with branches in every country.A TNC is a trans national company,which operate all over the globe,just like Nike.
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Why is billabong a TNC?

because it is all over the world. and has many different stores all over the world
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What make Sony a TNC?

because sony is gaydont get a ps3 ffrom Asia get a xbox 360 from where you like
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Why is McDonald's TNC?

McDonald's is a TNC (Transnational Corporation) because it is based in countries all over the world and it sells its products around the world. its main head office is in Amer ( Full Answer )
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What makes primark TNC?

A multinational corporation (or transnational corporation) (MNC/TNC) is a corporation or enterprise that manages production establishments or delivers services in at least two ( Full Answer )
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Why did Sony become a TNC?

Sony became a Transnational company, also known as TNC, in 1975. Itbecame a TNC when Sony stocks started publicly trading.
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Why is Adidas a TNC?

Adidas is a TNC(Transnational Corporation) because it operates in more then one country, in fact Adidas operates in many countries around the world.
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Is ally a TNC?

the shop ally is a TNC for it is placed all over the world and well known around the world.
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Is the shop ally a TNC?

yes, the shop ally is very popluar all over the world you may find it in America, England etc
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What role do TNCs play?

Transnational corporations have become central organizers of economic activities and major actors in shaping the international division of labor. They perform this role throug ( Full Answer )
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Is apple a tnc?

yes, one of the biggest. anything that has globalised to the extent of that would be considered a TNC.
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Is Nintendo a TNC?

Nintendo is indeed a Trans National Corporation (TNC) which means they sell their products all over the world.
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Are TNcs good or bad?

TNCs are both good and bad depending on how you view it. TNCs ( Transnational Corporations) do depend on LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) because it costs less to ( Full Answer )
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Why has numbers of TNCs grown?

If your are from the 8.1 class then here it is - A transnational, or multinational, corporation has its headquarters in one country and operates wholly or partially owned subs ( Full Answer )
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How do TNCs contribute to globalisation?

TNCs affect globalisation in the sense that they find new ways to expand by expanding their factories in foreign countries or introduce a new product which the "foreign" count ( Full Answer )
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Is Starbucks considered a TNC?

Yes. Starbucks is a large company that operates in 58 countries with the headquarters, main office and main factories in HICs and smaller offices and most factories located in ( Full Answer )
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What are some well known TNCs?

L'Oreal, Nike, McDonald's, Apple, and that's what i can think of right now but add on
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What does TNC stand for and mean?

A transnational corporation (TNC) is almost the same as a multinational coorperation (MNC). It has its headquarters in one country and has offices or production units in sever ( Full Answer )
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Why is Disneyland a tnc?

It has shops all over the world, and there are Disneylands in more than one continent, (Asia, Europe, America)
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What are footloose TNCs?

So-called "footloose companies" including transnationalcorporations, are not dependent on or otherwise tied to a certaingeographic location. Except where impractical due to th ( Full Answer )
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What are all the companies TNC could refer to?

There are at least six different companies that could be referred to as TNC. They are:1) Television Nishinippon Corporation2) The Nature Conservancy3) The New Criterion4) Tran ( Full Answer )