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What does TNT stand for?

T N T = Trinitrotoluene, an explosive. ------ Also, Turner NetworkTelevision - Formerly the name of a syndication service, now acable television network created by Ted Turner ( Full Answer )
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What is tnt?

Tri-nitro toluene. Toluene is a benzene ring with a methyl group attached. The nitration of this to TNT occurs at the 2,4,6 positions.
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In the courier company tnt what does tnt stand for?

Track n Trace. If you check the TNT Express website it explains it all. TNT stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport although the best answer I was ever told when asking the qu ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of TNT?

Tri Nitro Toluene ... Trinitrotoluene ( TNT ) is a chemical compound with the formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3.
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What is the formula for TNT?

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What channel is TNT on?

For me TNT is on channel 37 and just to let you know sometimes on diffrent channels for like fios and optimum
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Inventor of TNT?

TNT or Trinitrotoluene was invented by the German chemist, Joseph Wilbrand, in 1863 . (Not to be confused with Dynamite which was invented by Alfred Nobel)
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What is tnt stand for?

TNT is an abbreviation that stands for Trinitrotoluene. This is achemical compound that is used in various explosives.
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How is TNT prepared?

\nTNT is made in a three step process. toluene is nitrated with a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acid to produce mono-nitrotoluene or MNT. the MNT is then nitrated to dinitrot ( Full Answer )
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What element is in TNT?

Reaction between nitric acid and benzene or toluence compounds yields trinitrotolune(TNT). it is a high explosive.
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Where is the tnt on spineworld?

well the tnt is a mission and it is the easiest mission of all if u want help just look in the cloud plaza
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What are TNT pop-its?

very tiny bags of explosives that are fun trick noise makers [but handle carefully because they explode] you throw them on the hard ground and POP they make noise, fun for ind ( Full Answer )
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Where do you buy TNT?

You have to go to an explosives dealer that sells TNT. Yes, they exist. They will ask to see your explosives license before you can buy anything from them--like any business t ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of tnt?

TNT or Tri Nitro Toluene is an explosive which can be used for blowing up just about anything. TNT is also a song by AC/DC and it will blow your brains apart.
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Full form of tnt?

The explosive TNT is Trinitrotoluene The postal distribution company TNT was originally known as Thomas Nationwide Transport.
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What chemicals are in tnt?

TNT is chemically Trinitrotoluene. It is fairly insensitive to shock and a detonator must be used to explode it. It is made by a multistage nitration of Toluene ... usually wi ( Full Answer )
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Is there any way to defuse TNT?

I dont personally but I will conTact Osama Bin Laden.That is if I can find the little bomb happy scamp.ROFLMAO!

How long is the song tnt by acdc?

The song T.N.T ,which was released on the 1975 album of the same name, is 3 minutes and 34 seconds long.
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How do you blow up tnt on minecraft?

You light the TNT crate with Flint and Steel which you make by with1 iron bar and 1 flint rock. To get flint you punch gravel and youwill either get a gravel block or flint. T ( Full Answer )
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How to blow up tnt in minecraft?

Most of the time you should be able to left click on it , other players will have to place a switch or pressure plate and a red stone fuse. Another way is to right click on it ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your TNT doesn't work in minecraft?

The new 1.7 update changes the TNT so that hitting it does not activate it anymore. You need to place a button / lever / redstone torch next to it to detonate it now.
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Why is TNT used in explosives?

TNT is the short-hand name for trinitrotoluene, a very volatile and unstable chemical. TNT is historically used in explosives because it will under rapid and violent exothermi ( Full Answer )
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Is tnt network suitable for children?

TNT''s suitability for children depends entirely on the program's rating. Certain programs may be fine for all ages, whereas others may be geared toward mature audiences.
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What is the slogan for the TNT network?

"The slogan for the TNT Network is ""We know Drama"" as the mass majority of the television shows on the network are Dramas related to crime. i.e The Closer, Bones, Law & Orde ( Full Answer )
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Who is the owner of tnt network?

"The owner of the TNT Network is Turner Broadcasting Systems, which is a division of the Time Warner Cable Company. The original TNT Channel was created by Ted Turner."
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How you use TNT in minecraft?

It's now a sticky block so you can stick it to what ever you want to blow up, then ignite it with flint/steel or a redstone circuit. YouTube is a great place to get ideas.
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What is the pH of TNT?

Substances don't have a uniform pH. It depends on the concentration. That said, I would expect TNT to be neutral, or nearly so.
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How do you get TNT on minecraft xbox?

Probably the same way you do on the computer. Kill some creepers to get sulfur(gunpowder) and then get sand. Put it in a crafting table like this Sulfur Sand Sulfur Sand ( Full Answer )
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Why does the navy anthem mention TNT?

The lyrics to the current version of "Anchors Aweigh", include the term "Roll out the TNT". By that time, TNT had replaced Explosive B (used in WWI) in Naval artillery shells/ ( Full Answer )
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How do you light TNT in minecraft on the iPad?

There is no way YET . They added tnt but there is still no flint and steel or redstone to light it. They might add that in a later version. Minecraft pocket edition is still p ( Full Answer )
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Does Minecraft have TNT?

It does have TNT, to light it right click with flint and steel or connect it to power, to get flint and steel you need to craft it like this: Nothing : Nothing : Nothing ( Full Answer )