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PT equals 6x plus 4 and TQ equals 52?

Not enough information. What is the order of P, T and Q? What is the total distance and are the points co-linear?
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Are you allowed tq remove your mobile home from a park?

If you own the mobile home, then you have the right to remove it from the mobile home park, unless you are in a lease agreement between you and the mobile home park.
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When was the single 'Westside' by TQ released?

TQ's hit single "Westside" was released on September 15, 1998. The song is about California (where he grew up) and is dedicated to Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur.
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What's a good drop in turn key crate engine automatic trans choice for a 1963 Pontiac Catalina. Make is no issue. Good lopey sound with good hp tq 400 to 500 also rear end gearing for daily driving?

A 522 big block V8 is a good drop in turn key crate engine for an automatic trans in a 1963 Pontiac Catalina. It produces a good lopey sound with good HP and torque in the 400 ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has TQ been in?

TQ has: Played Guest in "Soul Train" in 1971. Played himself in "Soul Train" in 1971. Played Himself - Presenter in "MTV Europe Music Awards 1999" in 1999. Played himself in " ( Full Answer )
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What is PT equal 33x plus 77 and TQ equals 77x - 9?

As written your question is almost total nonsense - the only answerI can give based on what you have written is: They are a set of equations, probably describing the lengths ( Full Answer )