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How do you say 'how are you' in Thai?

to be polite say "sa-bai-dee-mai na kah" if you are a girl but if you are a boy then you have to say "sa-bai-dee-mai-kahp?" If she/he is your close friend, just say "pen-n ( Full Answer )
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What is the Thai alphabet?

I suggest that if u want to learn thai then gt learnthaipodcasts off itunes. their free and easy to understand and learn from :)
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Where to find Thai numbers thai?

I will show you... 1 = ๑ 2 = ๒ 3 = ๓ 4 = ๔ 5 = ๕ 6 = ๖ 7 = ๗ 8 = ๘ 9 = ๙ 0 = ๐ but if you want for mo ( Full Answer )
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What is 'I love you' in Thai?

Males could say, "Pohm rak kuhn". Males say: "ผมรักคุณ" Females could say, "Chan rak kuhn". Female says: "ฉันรà ( Full Answer )
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What is the Thai Buddha?

The Buddha that the Thai people venerate is the same Buddha revered throughout the lands where Theravada ("Way of the Elders") is the predominant school of Buddhism. These lan ( Full Answer )
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Boran thai muay thai?

Boran - ancient Muay thai - Thai kick boxing Boran thai muay thai means ancient/orthodox/traditional Thai kickboxing
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How can you learn Thai?

You can learn thai language through school or online courses. Online courses are usually made for people who are NOT thai.
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How do you get a Thai girl?

wow some thai girl follow and do what old people in the old time do but some people do what they want to do and follow all the fashion some girl dont have sex befor they are m ( Full Answer )
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What are Thai instruments?

a thai music is group into 4 1. idiophones 2. membranophones 3. aerophones 4. chordophones
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What is the Thai word for her?

the word kow is used for both her and him, they can tell which you are talking about from the context of the conversation.
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How we say where are you in Thai?

kun-yoo-tee-nai - krub/ka (krub for male/ ka for female). คุณ - อยู่ - ที่ - ไหน - ครับ/ ( Full Answer )
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What is hello in Thai?

สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee) ฮัลโหล (hanlǒh) - on phone Answer: Boys: Sawadee-caap Girls: Sawadee-caa ( Full Answer )
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What is the Thai translation of 'Thai'?

"thai language" = "pasa tai" "thailand" = muang tai or pratet tai "thai person" = "kon tai" "thai" (general adjective) = "tai" The word 'Thai' means freedom or inde ( Full Answer )
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What is Thai massage?

A Thai massage also known as Yoga massage originated in Thailand. It usually begins with the feet and legs and moving up to the hands and arms. The benefit you'll get with thi ( Full Answer )
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What is yes in Thai?

If you are simply saying "yes" to be polite in a conversation, to show understanding, or agreement, say "kha" for a girl and "khrap" for a guy. If you are emphasizing the w ( Full Answer )
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What is Phat Thai?

Thai style fry noodle, a very common food in Thailand. Official English translation is Pad Thai (or Phad Thai)
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Thai translation of thai?

Not sure what you mean by this, the word 'Thai' is already a Thaiword so there is no need to translate it. 'Thai' written in theThai alphabet is ไทย.
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Is it phat Thai or pad Thai?

Since Thai is not written with the Roman alphabet, either conversion to the Roman alphabet is OK and arguably correct. *Nearly all Thai restaurants use pad Thai, because it ( Full Answer )
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How do you say 'I love Thai' in Thai?

That means you are going to say "I love Thai langauge" >>" Chan Ruk Pasa Thai" Chan = I Ruk = Love Pasa = Langauge Thai = Thai
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What is Thai for forest?

The Thai word for jungle/forest is pa . There is a delicious curry dish called gang pa which means jungle curry. Pa is pronounced like it sounds as in the English slang w ( Full Answer )
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What is Thai for crab?

ปู It's pronounced "poo" but with a harder 'p'. something like a cross between 'p' and 'b'.
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How much is this in Thai?

Nee Tao rai (ka/krup) - (female/male) - [[ How much is this?]] Tao rai (ka/krup) - [[How much?]]
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Translate how are you in Thai?

How are you = sabai dii mai (are you fine?) The response could be = sabai dii (i am fine) or "chan sabai dii, kop kun maak" = I'm fine, thank you very much
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What does thai mean in thai?

thai means white elephant. so Thailand means land of white elephant Thai doesn't mean White elephant. It neans free to do/choose or freedom depending on context Passa Tha ( Full Answer )
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How do you write my in Thai?

well i dont know what ya name is so how can i answer that?? ;)
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What is 'How old are you' in thai?

"How old are you?" = (khun) ayoo tow rai lor (krub/ka)? Note: The brackets are if you are being polite. The krub is ifyou are a boy and the ka is if you are a girl. There ar ( Full Answer )
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What are Thai temples for?

most temples are built in worship of there religion/god. they go there to worship and pay respect for example people go to church to worship jesus.
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Where did Thai originate?

If you're refering to Muay Thai it is the national sport of Thailand, and the first kickboxing style, it originated in ancient thailand in the same time period that Ankar wat ( Full Answer )
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What does Thai massage do?

The therapy includes treating the electromagnetic or energetic field which surrounds, infuses and brings the body to life through pressure and/or manipulative massage.
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What is the Thai population?

The 2010 estimate is 63,878,267 the 2000 Thai census recorded 60,606,947 however world population is constantly changing so these figures become inaccurate quickly.
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Where is Lucy Thai?

The actress Lucy Thai seems to be a semi private person. At thistime she has not shared her recent whereabouts with the media.
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When go in Thai?

Thailand has a monsoon season and therefore is a tropical country with a lot of rain. The best time to go in Thailand is February to November when the weather isn't that wild. ( Full Answer )
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How do you say i am thai in thai?

Chan ben kon thai. ฉันเป็นคนไทย (I am thai) Chan = I Ben = is/ am/ are Kon = People
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What is a Thai Kalaga?

Thailand is famous for its hand made interior decor, and wall art is no different. Kalaga's are wall tapestries, made from sequins, beads and lined with Thai silk and raised t ( Full Answer )
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What is khun in Thai?

Khun is a pronounciation of "คุณ" in Thai language. That word is used in the same as Mr. Mrs. or Miss, but "khun" can use both male and female. "Khun" is used ( Full Answer )