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Was the moon ever called Theia?

No; however in Greek mythology Theia is the Titan goddess of heavenly light, her daughter is Selene the Titan goddess of the Moon.
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When did earth and theia collide?

There is a theory that Theia (Thea) was an additional planet that formed in a similar orbit to earth, and that Earth and Theia collided approximately 4.533 billion years ago ( (MORE)
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Who was theia in Greek methology?

Theia is the Titan goddess of heavenly light, her husband was Hyperion the Titan god of light and bore him three bright children; Helios the Sun, Eos the Dawn, and Selene the (MORE)
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When was Theia born?

If you mean the Titan in Greek myth, she was never born, just existed since the beginning of time.
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What Greek god or goddess is similar to Theia?

Theia is Titan, a Greek Goddess who was born of the union of Gaea (Earth) and Ouranus (Sky). Her sisters shared her powers of prophesy, as well as her children Helios (Sun) (MORE)
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What was the planet Theia?

The planet Theia is a planet that was theorized to explain the formation of the Moon. The theory is that Theia was formed along with Earth at one of the Lagrangian points and (MORE)
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What is Theia the titans's power?

Theia was the Titan goddess of sight ( thea ) and shining light of the clear blue sky ( aithre ). She was also, by extension, the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems wit (MORE)
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Was theia a goddess?

Theia was a Titan, a child of Gaea and Uranus. The Titans ruled earth before the gods (The Olympians), but were later overthrown by their children (The Olympians). Theia wa (MORE)
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How big was the planet theia?

Theia is believed to have been about the size of Mars, or about6,800 kilometers across.