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Who is tiamat?

Tiamat is the Draconic Goddess of Evil. Along with her brothers Bahamut and Wyrm they form the Triumvirate Gods of dragonkind.
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What is Tiamat?

Tiamat is a mythical beast and a monster to fight in the NES version of Final Fantasy.
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What is planet tiamat?

Tiamat is no longer. All that remains is the asteroid belt. See Sitchin, Velikovsky, and Melchizedek for more.
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How do you beat tiamat in ff9?

you have to be smarter then tiamat and summon Micheal Jackson to moonwalk over him & defeat him in 1 hit.
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How old is Tiamat the dragon queen?

Heaven and Earth were formed from Tiamat's dead body. Because of this, there is no absolute answer.
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Where do you battle Tiamat in Final Fantasy I?

Tiamat is encountered twice in Final Fantasy 1, first at the top of Mirage Tower on the Northern Continent, and again in the Temple of Fiends on the other side of the 2000 yea ( Full Answer )
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Is Tiamat evil?

Depends on whose side of the story. Enki killed Tiamat's husband Apsu. Tiamat was willing to forgive her son of this transgression. Depending on who was telling the story, Aps ( Full Answer )
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Would Tiamat be considered a kami class spirit in Shaman King?

Tiamat was a Babylonian goddess. According to myth, the god Mardoc slayed Tiamat and split her body in two, one half was used to make the earth, the other was used to create t ( Full Answer )
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What is the Tiamat in League of Legends?

The Tiamat is an advanced item in the League of Legends in game shop. It costs 1900 gold and sells for 1330. It gives you 40 attack damage and 15 health regen. Its unique pass ( Full Answer )
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Who are the members in the band Tiamat?

The band Tiamat is a band from Sweden that was formed in the year of 1987. There are three members in Tiamat, a vocalist/guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. There names are: ( Full Answer )