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Who does tibby end up with in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

At the end of the fourth book Tibby has made up with Brian and committed herself to him. She had broken up with him months earlier, because she thought she might have been pre ( Full Answer )
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What is basic to unani-tibbi?

Basic to the theory is the concept of the "four humors." These are Dum (blood), Bulghum (phlegm), Sufra (yellow bile), and Sauda (black bile).
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What is unani-tibbi?

Unani-tibbi denotes Arabic or Islamic medicine, also known as prophetic medicine. It traditionally makes use of a variety of techniques including diet, herbal treatments, mani ( Full Answer )
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What has the author John Tibby written?

John Tibby has written: 'A mid- to late-Holocene diatom and pollen palaeoecology of the Tuross Lake system, South Coast, New South Wales' -- subject(s): Diatoms, Fossil, Fos ( Full Answer )