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Does Trina have a baby?

No she does not have any kids her sister has a huge business carrer in eurup and is taking care of her sisters daughter. in addition she would have a son by lil Wayne but s ( Full Answer )
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Biography of Trina paulus?

Little is known of author Trina Paulus. She is the author of Hopefor the Flowers and lives in New Jersey as of 2014. She is also thevice-president of the Cornucopia Network of ( Full Answer )
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How old is Trina?

Trina (Katrina Taylor) is 39 years old (birthdate: December 3,1978). * Unrelated pin-up model Katrina Taylor is about 32 years old basedon the birthdate of "January 1, 1985." ( Full Answer )
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Does Trina have kids?

Trina has 1 kid by lil Wayne and 2 kids by jay z Another answer: she doesn't have kids * NO
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Is Trina Haitian?

Rapper Trina is Dominican and Bahamian and she was born and raisedin Miami, Florida. She has been a professional rapper since 1998.
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Does Lil Wayne love Trina?

He Did. But They Broke up. Yeah he was in love with Trina and from hearing the "Single Again" remix and the song Currency that's on her new album sounds like he s ( Full Answer )
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Does Trina and Lil Wayne have kids?

Trina does not have any kids wit lil Wayne that's why they broke p because she didnt want kids and wanted to have kids wit her you wanna know how many kids lil Wayne has an th ( Full Answer )
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Do Trina have siblings?

It is very common for a girl named Trina to have siblings. Manypeople have siblings, but some do not. Trina is a common name, butthere are probably quite a few Trina's that do ( Full Answer )
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How much is Trina worth?

As of July 2014, the net worth of Trina is an estimated 6 milliondollars. Trina is a rapper and songwriter.
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What happened to Trina nafzger's daughters?

I just read that the new baby, Kamryn had moved with her dad back to his hometown. The story didn't address her other daughter Samantha. Hope the beautiful girls are doing ok. ( Full Answer )
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Is Trina bysexual?

Yes Trina is bisexual she went with missy elliot who was caught in a holiday inn together after the red carpet .....!
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Why is trina paulus?

Trina Paulus is an author. She is most known for her novel Hope forFlowers which was published in 1972.
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What do Trina mean?

Originally a short form of Katrina (pure, unsullied), Trina is occasionally bestowed independently, meaning 'pure'.
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What is up with Trina?

Trina is a rapper who was born and raised in Miami,Fl. She became a rapper after Trick Daddy discovered her. Later, she was signed to Slip n Slide records in 2002. She was coo ( Full Answer )
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Does Trina have a sister?

i believe she has a brother and two or three sisters -- Nope she has a sister named Brittany ... I'm pretty sure that's it
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Is Trina dominican? Yes, she's mixed with Dominican IMPROVED AND HONEST ANSWER: Trina is mixed with Black and Dominican.
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Does Trina have an sister?

Yes she does and she lives in Miami,Fl [ I have met her sister before ]
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Is Trina a lisbian?

You mean lesbian? No, she is not a lesbian. She is bisexual. In a BET interview Trina said, " If I chose to live a bisexual or gay life for the matter, then that's MY busin ( Full Answer )
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Is Trina gay or bi?

Okay i went on who's dated who online and i saw dat Trina has dated kelly rowland
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Do the rapper Trina have aids?

No, Trina the rapper does not have AIDS nor does she have HIV. It was an internet rumor.
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Do Trina got a tattoo of a star?

yes Trina does have a tattoo of a star on her upper left can check it out and see it very well in her "million dollar girl" video
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Are Nicki Minaj and Trina dating?

No. No. Somebody Spread that rumor because both Trina and Nicki Minaj are bisexual. They are friends, not sex partners (as far as we know).
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How Trina got famous?

She was discovered by tick daddy therfore he seen some potential in her and took her to fame with him .
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How old is Trina from Victorious?

Trina Vega (the character) is 17, sister Tori is 16. The actress playing Trina, Daniella Monet, was born March 1, 1989 and was already 21 years old when the show debuted in ( Full Answer )
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What gang is Trina in?

I don't know excatly what gang she's in but I do know that she's a blood & she might bang with Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane.
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Who the best out of Trina and Nicki minaj?

If Yall Don't No Nicki Minaj Is The Best DOing This... I Wish she reads this and get my email and send me a great email rEmember Nicki Comess Firstt
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How did trina get into hollywood arts?

Maybe for dancing? She can dance, as we've seen in "Tori Gets Stuck" and various others. SIKOWITZ DRINK BAAAD COCONUT MILK
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How old is Trina Braxton?

Trina Braxton is 43 years old (birthdate December 3, 1974). She is the sister of Toni Braxton.
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What is the Hebrew word for Trina god?

There is no Hebrew word for "Trina god". (I can't even tell what that phrase is supposed to mean in English.)
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Who did it to Trina on victorious?

If you watched the ending you'll see that Rex cut the line. Technically, Robbie did it for Rex. This was because she....I forgot. Either hit him or call I'm a puppet. :/
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Who did it to Trina from victorious?

At the end, when Robbie is getting ready for bed, Rex said he did it. so to answer your question Rex did it.