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How big is the USA?

The USA is the fourth biggest country after Russia, Canada, and China. It covers an area of 3,535,935 square miles.
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What USA Presidents have their face on a USA coin?

The US Presidents that have their face on a coin are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John F Kennedy, and Theodore Roosevelt.
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Who is in the USA congress?

I think you n33d to know what stat3 you ar3 trying to find who th3 congr3ss is . W3 just l3arn3d about this last w33k at my high school. but y3ah so hop3fully you m3ssag3 m3 b ( Full Answer )
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What is the literacy rate in Texas USA?

The state of Texas, overall, has a literacy rate of 81 percent.This varies from county to county, but generally is within the 75to 90 percent range.
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What is the price of wheat flour in USA?

Wheat flour is a type of one powder. It made from the grinding ofwheat and used for human consumption.
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Most southern point in USA?

Key West, FL has the most southern point in the continental US but the most southern point in the US is located in Hawaii on the big island. The town is called Ka Lae. Rose A ( Full Answer )
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How does the USA government affect the USA culture?

It afects everything. Our way of life, the food we eat, the people we meet, the stuff we know. IT AFFECTS EVERYTHING! Lets compare us to itay. If u live in Italy, you must be ( Full Answer )
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What is the capital of the USA?

The capital of the United States of America is Washington D.C. Washington D.C. in the district of Columbia. Washington, District of Columbia (D.C.)
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How to move to the USA?

You need to have a valid permanent resident status if you want to move to the United States. If you have a college degree you can try to find a sponsor that will help you fil ( Full Answer )
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Which States are in USA?

48 states are in Continental U.S.A. ..Hawaii & Alaska are not considered to be 'Continental' states...In Hawaii if you return to the mainland, you are 'stateside'...from Alask ( Full Answer )
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Why USA is rich?

The USA is of course rich becasue of its companies and buisnesses and resturants. Also theme parks and tourism . Hope this helped :)
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How do you get a gun in the USA?

In most U.S. states, you go to a gun store and purchase one, or purchase one from an individual. Check you local laws.
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How far from Phoenix USA to San Francisco USA?

It's 751 miles from Phoenix, AZ, to San Francisco, CA. If you drive on a toll route, it takes about 12 hours and 11 minutes without traffic.
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Is the USA in the UN?

Yes, the United States is a member of the United Nations. The US is one of the five permanent members of the UN, along with China, Russia, United Kingdom, and France. http:/ ( Full Answer )
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USA is a state?

United States of America or USA for short is composed of many different states but Canada is not one of them.. There are 50 states on the USA.
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Party in the USA?

Party in the USA is in the charts all over Europe and America.. New Miley Cyrus hit! And her music video on youtube has been on a couple of months and has reached more views t ( Full Answer )
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How did the Pony Express change the USA?

Ultimately, the Pony Express filled an urgent need of its time and played an important role in the development and history of the United States by keeping California and much ( Full Answer )
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When was anime introduced into the USA?

Astro Boy: 1 January 1963 Anime started to have an influence on United States television and animation shows in the 1960s and has since become increasingly popular because ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy aspirin that is made in USA?

There may be some old stock of truly "Made in USA" aspirin out there somewhere, however, if you call all the major manufacturers, you will find they all buy their bulk materia ( Full Answer )
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Is New York is the capital of the USA?

No. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the U.S . although some mistake some of our large cities as our capital ;) Also, Albany is the capital of New York.
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If USA gos to war with Korea who will fight on the USA side?

I'm guessing you mean North Korea, The United States could take care of them by themselves. South Korea would be our first ally because of the tension of the two Koreas. The U ( Full Answer )
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Is Croatia in USA?

No! It's parted by half of Europe and an ocean from USA. It's in Central Europe.
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Who lives in USA?

The USA is the most diverse place on earth, any possible culture, ethnicity, religion or any other category of people you can think of live in the USA.
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Is the USA a democracy?

United States: Not a Democracy Though commonly called a democracy, the United States is actually a Constitutional Replublic. Constitutional republics and democracies are ( Full Answer )
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What is USA famous for?

Leadreship , opportunity, technology and highest acceptance level of talent from anywhere on this planet.
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How old is the USA?

It is 235 years of age.This depends on what you consider the birth of the United Statesis. If you measure from the Declaration of Independance (1776),then its 229 years old. T ( Full Answer )
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Why India is an India and the USA is The USA?

Because it's grammaticaly correct. For example, I would say, "I amgoing to India. After that, I am going to the USA." USA is shortfor United States of America. So, I would say ( Full Answer )
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What does USA export?

The top three largest exports in the USA are 1. Automotive partsand materials 2. Chemicals 3. Petroleum products
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What is Blackwater USA?

The company formerly known as Blackwater USA is a private militarycompany that provides security services to the United Statesfederal government on a contractual basis. The co ( Full Answer )
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What do you know about the USA?

The question is very broad. I can only cover parts of your question. . Europeans were NOT the first people here; indigenous people were here long before Whites. . America ( Full Answer )