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What are unanswered questions?

Questions that have not been answered. Unanswered questions are the questions which are not answered
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Is this question unanswered?

Well, while I type this it is still unanswered but once I save it, the click of the save button answers the question. CLICK!
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How can you answer an unanswered question?

How to Answer a Question on WikiAnswers We would love to have you answer more unanswered questions on this site! Follow these steps to answer an unanswered question: . Get o (MORE)
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Where are unanswered questions?

They are found on every category. Simply browse any category, and you'll find a link saying 'All unanswered questions'. Clicking that link will list all the unanswered questio (MORE)
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What do you do if your question is unanswered?

I guess you just wait until someone answers it. I have a lot of questions unanswered but one by one they get answered. I know, it can seem like it takes forever, but it helps (MORE)
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There is no unanswered question?

Sure there is: What is wrong to drop the atomic bomb? That one is still going around after 65 years and will continue until another bomb is blasted over a place in the world.
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Which questions are unanswered?

Probably questions such as 'is there life on other planets' or'does God exist' - Since we currently have no way of absolutelyproving the existence of life on other planets, or (MORE)
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My unanswered questions?

Your unanswered questions may require more research. If you cannotfind this information online, you may need to check at the locallibrary. Another option is to speak to teache (MORE)