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Is this question unanswered?

Well, while I type this it is still unanswered but once I save it, the click of the save button answers the question. CLICK!
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How can you answer an unanswered question?

How to Answer a Question on WikiAnswers We would love to have you answer more unanswered questions on this site! Follow these steps to answer an unanswered question: . Get o (MORE)
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Is there a random unanswered question link?

Yes, there is a "Random question" link, in the blue side bar navigation panel (in the section called "Site tools"). Another option Click on the link in the Related Li (MORE)
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What is the hardest unanswered question on WikiAnswers?

The hardest questions to answer are those that are poorly written and are not easy to understand exactly what the questioner wants to know. For instance, you would not want to (MORE)
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How can an unanswered question be deleted from WikiAnswers?

Both unanswered and answered questions are treated the same on and on if the question is appropriate, it stays on the site. Inappropriate questio (MORE)
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What do you do if your question is unanswered?

I guess you just wait until someone answers it. I have a lot of questions unanswered but one by one they get answered. I know, it can seem like it takes forever, but it helps (MORE)
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How do you you flag an unanswered question?

You cannot flag an unanswered question on WikiAnswers. The "Flag" button is missing if the question does not have an answer.
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There is no unanswered question?

Sure there is: What is wrong to drop the atomic bomb? That one is still going around after 65 years and will continue until another bomb is blasted over a place in the world.
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What question remain unanswer the iceman?

Well, the iceman never asked to eat the ice........he never did not answer any questions you asked him did he? He is a good man! Now, stop asking deranged questions please (MORE)
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Which questions are unanswered?

Probably questions such as 'is there life on other planets' or'does God exist' - Since we currently have no way of absolutelyproving the existence of life on other planets, or (MORE)