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What is v-model?

A V-model is a method of describing theÊprocess of softwaredevelopment. In it, process steps are arranged in a V pattern,wherein product design is on one end, implementatio ( Full Answer )
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What is a V-belt?

Its a belt used to transfer motion, where the cross sectional shape looks like a `V`.
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What is combat 'v'?

A brass "V" about the size of this actual letter which is pinned on the cloth portion of the medal or the ribbon. The "V" stands for Valor.
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Who is A v leeuwenhoek?

Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723)was the amerteur microscopist of Delft, The Netherlands. He was the first person to publish exetensive, accurate observations of microorganis ( Full Answer )
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What are V codes?

V codes are specific ICD-9-CM codes used to identify encounters for reasons other than illness or injury. For an example a v code would be used for billing immunizations.. Thi ( Full Answer )
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Who is eduardo V?

my husband in Mexico he was my first boyfriend and i am trying to know were he lives and how he look like if you see him call me 650-2919941 my cellphone number .
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Is V in V for Vendetta a lesbian?

No, V is a man. However, there is a character in the story named Valerie who is a lesbian.
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What was a V-2?

a type of long ranged missile made by the Germans in WWII or it is a type of air soft system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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What words have a v in them?

View, vaudevillian, veteran, vicariously, victim, villain, vicissitude, visage, veneer, vanity, vestige, vacant, vanished, valorous, visitation, vexation, vivified, vowed, van ( Full Answer )
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What is E A V?

EAV can stand for:. E quine A rteritis V irus . E ntity- A ttribute- V alue . E rste A llgemeine V erunsicherung
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What does the V in penicillin v stand for?

penicillin v is the orally active for of penicillin hence the 'V' may stand for the latin word 'vesco/vescor' meaning to feed/to eat
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Define V and V?

yes that is the letter v in capital (V) and lower case (v) the capital letter is bigger and the other way around!
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What does the V in CTS-V stand for?

The "V" is a designation for any Cadillac car that has been pimpedby GM's High Performance Vehicle Operations team.
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How old is v v brown?

V V Brown is turning 27 in 2010. She was born in October 24, 1983.
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What are v and inverted v curves?

V Curve - Excitation vs Armature current V curve is the graph showing the relation of armature current as a function of field current in synchronous machines. The purpose ( Full Answer )
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What is a v-up?

its an excersice - lay flat on the floor, hold arms straight above your chest, fingers pointing upwards. Fold your body upwards by lifting your legs off the floor and stretchi ( Full Answer )
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What is a V-code?

V codes identify conditions other than a disease or injury and are also used to report significant factors that may influence present or future care.
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What is V-Motion?

The word you are asking about is a commercial software application which works on virtual computers. Apparently it is used to run video on some computers
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What did they eat in V?

They ate the flesh of the humans that they had enslaved, the V's pretty much scour the universe for different things to eat, though why they'd go to all that trouble I do not ( Full Answer )
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What words have v in them?

Words that have V in them: Beginning . van . vast . vacuum . vacant . vault . very . vet . vest . vegetable . via . violin . vinegar . vine . violet . vivaciou ( Full Answer )
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What is V V browns religion?

She went to a Christian school as a child so I assume she's still practices her faith.
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Is V in 'V for Vendetta' a girl?

In the movie, he is male. He is played by a male, Hugo Weaving, has a distinctly masculine voice, and falls in love with Evey. However, the original comic strip also shows evi ( Full Answer )
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What does V stands for in channel V?

As dumb as it sounds it is true, the v in channel v represent horns. of empowering evil.
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Who was charels V?

Charles V was Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558 ruling over a vast area of Europe, from the Netherlands to Spain (and its American colonies) to central Europe.
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Why does your v smell?

if you dont wipe or dont shave it starts to stink. not wiping after using the bathroom will cause bacteria to form and not shaving will gather sweat. you should also think abo ( Full Answer )
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What is V-E?

Victory in Europe day, aka VE day. When world war 2 was won, 8th May 1945. The surrender of the German reich to the allies.
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What is v-logix?

V-Logix is a Training institute . V-logix provide industrial/professional courses to technical students of M.C.A. M.Sc IT/CS and other.
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What does the V in CTS V stand for?

I just purchased a 2011 cts-v The v stands for Vette.....the engine is a supercharged 556 z06 corvette engine. It's basically a very responsive Vette engine wrapped in a Cadil ( Full Answer )
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What words have an v and a in them?

Some words that have both an A and a V in them are: . Vacuum . Vacate . Evade . Evaluate . Adventure . Average . Vale . Leave . Save . Ravage
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How do you get a V?

First you must haves place to work out then you do lots of curl ups and running . But you have to push your self at running but don't over do it . I have made that mistake a c ( Full Answer )
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V is the 22nd letter of the Alphabet. It is also the number "5" in Roman numerals.
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What is v noach?

Ark van Noach is a movie or documentary that gives the details ofwhat happened in the times of Noah.
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Is v linear?

If v (velocity) is constant, then it's straight (linear). If v ischanging due to acceleration, then it is a curve (non-linear)