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What is the var meter?

What Does a VAR Meter Do? . A VAR Meter is used to measure Reactive Power in AC Circuits - Pure reactive components dissipate zero power, which makes sense in a DC circuit, ( Full Answer )
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What is the electrical term VAR?

Seeing as how this question is under Home Electricity the term VAR stands for Volt Amps Reactance. See related links below VAR is a term for computer distribution bus ( Full Answer )
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What is Vars?

Volt-Ampere Reactive.. It is the reactive component of power when the Power Factor is less than unity (1.0). It is usually measured in KVAR - 1000's of VAR.
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How do you compute data for modelling static var compensator?

To compute static VAR compensation, you need to know the original power factor, the desired power factor, the real power delived to the system and the equivalent load model re ( Full Answer )
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Calculation of var for ac capacitor?

Let Q be reactive power of Capacitor. Note Q is taken as negative as Capacitors generate VARs. The formula to compute Q is: . Q= -(V 2 / X) Vars where V is the rms vol ( Full Answer )
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What does var stand for in a crossword puzzle?

It means that the answer to the clue has a variant in spelling, or simply that the word does not have the most common spelling.
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What is the best VAR blogging platform?

Here are some of the best blogging platforms: . WordPress . Squarespace . Posthaven . Ghost . Kirby . Medium . Svbtle . Postagon . Jekyll . Contentful . Anchor . S ( Full Answer )
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How is VAR controlled?

Var is controlled by adding inductors or capacitors in parallel with loads requiring reactive power. By adding a capacitor of proper size in parallel with a inductive load res ( Full Answer )
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What is the Latin root 'var-' in English?

Diverse is one English equivalent of the Latin root 'var-'. A Latin derivative of that root meaning is the infinitive 'variare', which means 'to diversify, vary'. Knock knee ( Full Answer )
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What does the root word var mean?

The Latin root word var means different. That is why it forms thebeginning of words such as variety, variable, various, and varied.
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What is the latin root word var mean?

The Latin root word "var" means different (Examples:) Variation: A different form of something, variant Variable: Apt or liable to vary or change; changeable Various: Of ( Full Answer )
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What are vars in electricity?

A var is the symbol for the traditional unit of measurement for reactive power , and stands for ' reactive volt ampere '. Reactive power describes the rate at which energy ( Full Answer )
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What does VAR stand for?

In the electrical industry var stands for reactive volt ampere , which is used to measure reactive power . This is the rate at which energy is alternately stored in, and r ( Full Answer )
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What is la blanchisseuse de var?

'la blanchisseuse' refers in French to a laundrywoman. If the spelling of 'Var' is correct, that could be a hmalet or village or other placename.
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How many var is 1 acre?

Perhaps you are referring to the vara, which was a surveying unit of length, originating from Spain. It is approximately 1 yard. Many surveys in Texas were specified in vara, ( Full Answer )
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Translation in english Du var så god?

It's swedish for "you were so good" (good as in "good hearted" not the general meaning of it, that would be "bra" in Swedish) but the word "god" is mostly used to describe tas ( Full Answer )
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What is VAR?

var is the volt ampere reactive that is, the reactive power.which is the wattless component
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What is dynamic var compensation?

The reactive Power Compensation system that is Automatically able to adjust its reactive Power so that concerned system Power Factor is maintained within the desirable limits ( Full Answer )
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What var is drawn by a 5kw induction motor?

You need to know the power factor, the phase angle, or the KVA in order to determine KVAR from KW. Power factor is the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current ( Full Answer )
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What does coo var mean in polish?

It is spelled "kurwa"; it means "f**k" and also "b**ch" depending on how you use it in a sentence.
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Who was baron var steuben?

He was a Prussian military officer who helped train and organize the Continental Army in the American Revolution.
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What is kilo Var hour meter?

The alternating electric current has two components: one active or effective that moves the fan the refrigerator and lights the house and another one that does not do any usef ( Full Answer )
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Is var-sol use for making tire black?

It can be, but there is a variety of better and often cheaper products for this in auto parts stores and in Walmart.
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Is the chickenpox vaccine called VAR?

Chickenpox vaccine may be abbreviated VAR (for varicella) or VZV (for varicella zoster virus) on a vaccination record. Brand names include Varivax.
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How many var is 1 square meters?

The unit var or vara is a length surveying unit, originating from Spain. In most surveys, it is equal to 33 1 / 3 inches. Nevertheless, it cannot be converted to a sq ( Full Answer )
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What does VaR refer to in financial mathematics?

VaR is an abbreviation that stands for 'Value at Risk' in the financial world. This is a measurement or judgment on how much of the current value of the figure is definite and ( Full Answer )
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How many square meter is 1 var?

It is not possible to find the definition of "var" as a unit for measuring area.
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What has the author Gordon F Vars written?

Gordon F. Vars has written: 'Common learning' 'Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Middle Grades' -- subject(s): Interdisciplinary approach in education, Middle schools, Tea ( Full Answer )
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What is VAR on the airport diagram?

Visual Approach Rules - used for airports where the pilots willland their aircraft not using the Instrument Landing System