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Is SWR the same as VSWR?

Yes, v stands for volts.Since the SWR (Standind Wave Ratio) is measured in volts is. one and the same.
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For a open circuit the VSWR is?

the voltage standing wave ratio is defined (1+p)/(1-p), where p is the the reflection coefficient magnitude. p = 1 for an open circuit, therefore the VSWR will approach infini ( Full Answer )
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What is the VSWR and reflection coefficient?

VSWR = voltage standing wave ratio = ratio of the maximum voltage to minimum on a line = VSWR = Emax / Emin = Imax / Imin Reflection Coefficient is the ratio of reflected ( Full Answer )
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What is the ideal value of vswr?

The ideal value of VSWR is 1 (one), which means that full power which has been arrived to the antenna is emitted to the air. In reality it is always more than 1, which means t ( Full Answer )
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When VSWR taken as infinity?

VSWR on a line is infinite when the far end of the line is perfectly open or perfectly shorted, i.e. the line is terminated in an impedance of exactly zero or exactly infini ( Full Answer )