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How do you attract a Virgo?

Virgos are governed by the planet Mercury which means they are attracted by the art of communication. Intelligence and being able to discuss a wide variety of subjects is impo ( Full Answer )
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What is nature of Virgos?

Virgo personality Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign and is represented by The Virgin. Virgo is a mutable Earth sign. Virgos are very analytical, very responsible people who te ( Full Answer )
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What is a Virgo?

Virgo Zodiac Sign August 23 - September 22 Element: Earth Quality: Mutable Ruling Planet: Mercury Symbol: Virgin Keywords: Critical, Methodical, Helpful, Modest, ( Full Answer )
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Aquarius and Virgo?

I am not as knowledgeable in astrology as this question may need, but I am a Virgo, and the general description of a Virgo fits me pretty well. I have been in a long, serious ( Full Answer )
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What is the star of Virgo?

The main star of Virgo is Spica, is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky. It is 260 light years distant from Earth. ( Full Answer )
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Celebrity who are Virgo?

Actors Sean Connery, Peter Sellers, Lauren Bacall, Ann Bancroft, Greta Garbo & Sophia Loren; writer D H Lawrence; model Twiggy.
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What are characteristics of a Virgo?

I am the maiden, innocent of earthly pleasure . tirelessly harvesting knowledge and sifting through facts . I know more of the ways of the intellect, the satisfaction of ser ( Full Answer )
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Characteristics of a Virgo?

Their most likable trait is conscientiousness. They're usually reserved, modest, practical, judgemental, industrious, analytical, hard to know and understand, and very clean.
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Pisces and virgo?

Not really. Virgo finds Pisces a bit awkward of a partner in the aspects of a long term relationship. And Pisces tends to misread the motives and intentions of Virgo. Not a go ( Full Answer )
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What sign is Virgo?

a Virgo is supposed to be a woman scooping water out of a stream with a bucket it looks like a m expect the first line of the m is crossed like an x
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Where is Virgo in the sky?

The constellation Virgo is seen best during May between the latitudes of +80 o and -80 o .
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How do Virgo and Virgo get along?

ehhh good. I'm a Virgo and my mom and dad are both virgos. I would say 75% of the time we get along but when we argue we argue! haah. most of the time it's over something stup ( Full Answer )
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Who named Virgo?

The term "Virgo" came from the Romans. It is Latin for virgin. No one knows which specific person was the first to apply this name to this constellation.
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What month is a Virgo?

Typically September, but it isn't exactly by month. Virgo goes from August 23rd to September 22nd.
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Is Virgo a horoscope?

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac originating fromthe constellation of VIRGO . It is symbolised by a young women . From August 23-September 22 theSun is ( Full Answer )
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What is the sign for Virgo?

The sign for Virgo looks like an M with an x at the end or am 8.
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Why is Virgo called Virgo?

The name comes from the ancient Greeks, and then the ancient Romans. Both civilizations used figures from their religious beliefs, to organize the night sky and find its stars ( Full Answer )
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What are Virgos compatible with?

Pisces, that's one i know. but in some cases not always they are opposite signs and the relationship can either be amazing or horrible no in betweens
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What is the animal of Virgo?

Virgo does not have an animal sign as they do in Chinese Astrology. The representation of Virgo is the virgin - a young woman.
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Are Virgos compatible with other Virgos?

i think so. virgos should be able to get along well. suposedly they are the same somewhat.... me and my bestest best friend are virgos.
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What are Virgo qualities?

particular, down to earth, organized or very unorganized (one of the two extremes), reserved On the negative side they can be deceitful and tricky and enjoy keeping to themsel ( Full Answer )
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What is the Virgo Horoscope?

For today, this is the Virgo horoscope: A pronounced curiosity about taboos and mysteries plays a greater part in your life now. Your mind is focused on cutting through the ( Full Answer )
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What sign is after Virgo?

Libra is the sign after Virgo. Whenever I'm wondering what the zodiac signs are, I just call back the Beyonce song where she sings them all in order. This might be a guilty ad ( Full Answer )
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Is Virgo and Virgo compatible?

Yes; they are very compatible. They have a mutual understanding of each other's feelings; an average of a 9 out of 10 compatibility. However, Capricorn can be 9 and a half in ( Full Answer )
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How do you find Virgo?

Virgos are everywhere. Me included. Maybe just start asking people you meet what their sign is. Chances are at least 1 out 12 will be a Virgo.
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What is the birthstone of Virgo?

Birthstone for Virgo is Carnelian, zodiac sign is closely relatedto a person's character. Carnelian stone chosen because it has properties that are able toadapt to the energy ( Full Answer )
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Are Virgos freaky and why?

I think it all depends, because if the Virgo does not have a high sex drive he/she will not perform as well. Therefore, don't let the shell or disguise fool you. I am a Virgo ( Full Answer )
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What is the sign of the Virgo?

Virgo is part of the Element Earth and is int he symbol of a Virgin Lady.
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What is the thing for Virgo?

Virgo's symbol is the Virgin. Virgos are the most beautiful sign of the zodiac, but are usually gloomy inside. They are hard-working perfectionists - very picky and critica ( Full Answer )
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Do Virgos cheat?

Virgos do not cheat anymore than any other person's birth sign and it is the character of that individual that constitute if they will cheat or not and nothing to do with the ( Full Answer )
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What is birthstone for Virgo?

Actually, birthstones follow what month a person is born in...not what sign. A Virgo is born in both August and September so, depending on what your actual birthdate is, your ( Full Answer )
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Who is Virgo compatiable with?

Taurus is the best, but Virgos and Capricorns are second best. Third best are Geminis and Aries. 4th best is Cancers; and everything else should probably be avoided...
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Are Virgos sneaky?

They have the capability; and some of them are; but 99.9% of them have no bad intentions while being sneaky. They are refined; and have justice on their side. If they are bein ( Full Answer )
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Can Virgo mate with Virgo?

Both are earth signs, therefore compatible, so yeah, why not. But too much of a good thing is bad. The relationship can suffer due to over-analyzing a situation or any situati ( Full Answer )
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What is the appearance of Virgo?

Those with Virgo Rising in particular are likely to have a very clean-cut and modest appearance. They are very hygienic and incline toward thinness. They tend to be youthful i ( Full Answer )